Friday, April 29, 2011

And Then...There Was His Room...

I told myself over and over that I wouldn't dedicate too much time to a baby room. I longed instead for an exercise room. Ultimately, the baby won't notice the symmetry, the colors, or the effort put in. Ultimately, daddy and mommy were quite happy with the little DIY projects that make up his room. Ultimately, there's now a baby room in our house.

The first wall across from the crib (super anal me and earthquake zone California) has from L-R, a cheap DIY ABC print I made from internet seeking, matting on scrapbook papers, and using a cut out from cute baby shower cards (which I never know what to do with after!). In the middle, is a photo of daddy and mommy looking towards the LA Temple the day they got sealed and made it possible for lil Jordan to be born in the covenant. Right is a super cute placeholder that my crafty buddy Paige (who is a professional scrapbooker whomI idolize as her creativity and work is seriously amazing and breathtaking!) made with cute wording about the day he was born, how much he weighed, how cute and cuddly and super he is, etc. It's an adorable print! Center bottom is a currently empty shadow box I have yet to fully be inspired and go forth making and below are the name blocks that were a gift from my friend Allison as part of the baby shower decorations.

Below sits my old opaque purple trashcan (from my hs days!) sprayed painted in lime green along with the DIY shelf Andy built from scratch and three fabric bins I got from our Target gift cards from my good buddy Drea. The empty chalkboards will eventually be glue gunned to the bins and read books, toys, and shoes (or whatever else I think of storing down there).

This is wall #1 and Andy is planning on building two matching shelves that go 5 up on each side which will be used for more books, baby toiletries, toys, etc.

Wall #2 remains the same except we traded up and got two recent magazine covers of Jimmer into the mix. We are also taking Lebron out for Mike Vicks, a great football player for a great team who has repented for his past doings (which aren't that bad compared to some other athletes!).
On the third wall, I took some trinket boxes my mom got at TjMaxx (because they were so darn cute, not cuz she knew what purpose they served at all...), glued some ribbon and buttons to cover the ribbon and glue meeting and hung up above the diaper changing table. I wanted to use my cheap discounted lantern stars bought for our wedding deco which was never used, but the neon bright pink was hard to spraypaint over and it just came out ugly. I'm adding some Asian paper stars as soon as I get around to it.... just a chain of stars here and there.

Below the trinket boxes sits the diaper changing pad cover that yours truly sewed (it's a disaster underneath but looks pretty good on top!), the diaper champ from my coworker buddy Elizabeth and the beautiful very closely matching cherry (but from different dealers) changing table and crib from my mum.
Above it, I made this flag pennant that says "I Am a Child of God." We left the little photos of Jesus we had on the wall, only I, in my quest for symmetry, put one on each side of the crib. Hehe. Some things never change.

And that's it! Pretty simple and to the point, also very cheap which is my favorite part.

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