Sunday, April 3, 2011

What's It Like?

I always ask Andy what it was like growing up in the Church. I wonder if he was distracted during Sacrament meeting. I wonder if he was disruptive during Sunday School in primary. I wonder how he felt during his baptism or if he even remembers it. I wonder if he volunteered for the prayers at home. I wonder what he felt like when he got to pass the Sacrament for the first time. And since our semi-annual Church Conference that is 2 hours in the AM and PM of both Saturday and Sunday were of interest to him as an adult, I wonder if growing up, he sat obediently and watched all two hours, if he was off playing with some toys, causing trouble, or if he slept through it all.

I guess that's part of the wondering I have often because I didn't grow up in the Church. I always wonder how it would have been to grow up in the Church. Would I have been able to sit quietly for an entire hour and ten minutes of Sacrament meeting? Would I have been able to say a prayer for the family? Would I have been able to understand who Jesus Christ is? Would I have appreciated going to Church in my teenage years? Would I have enjoyed the young women's program?

In many ways, it makes me feel very unprepared. I don't know any of the children's primary songs. I barely just learned the names of each primary group (they sort it by age) and how will I relate to my kids when they are going through the church programs as they grow up?...

In other ways, it is very exciting to me. True, I know very little about how all the church auxiliaries work, but they get to have that knowledge so much sooner than I had it. They get to be born in the covenant - and whether or not they choose to accept the gospel in their lives is still up to them. All we can do as parents is guide them and encourage them - share with them our testimonies until they gain their own and help them to do good things as to invite the Spirit into their lives. I sometimes wish I had found the gospel as a kid, but I know there is a time and place for everything and maybe I wasn't ready for it - or maybe it had to happen this way. Whatever the case, my children will have what I did not have and that is comforting to me.

I do know one thing.. the understanding of who Jesus Christ is, the Atonement and the restored gospel will make a good person better and a bad person good... so really, no matter what my kids are like - what my soon to be here kid will be like - he will be better off having been taught these things and having the opportunity to choose for himself.


Gramee said...

Came across your blog from CBC.

this post actually made me cry, I guess many of us that grew up in the church take for granted the things we did and learned growing up with the gospel in our lives.

I love this blog of yours I am adding you to my Reader.
looking forward to getting to know you better.

SupaFlowaPowa said...

Awww, thanks Gramee! I love sharing my thoughts via bloggggging - I hope I never forget how great life is and though my contrast might be greater than others since I'm a recent convert, we all know of a contrast that exists and I'll continue to remind us all to stay on the straight and narrow!

Summer Flood said...

I actually found your blog through your I'm a Mormon video...I wanted to comment on this because I've always thought the same thing, but backward. Having grown up LDS, I have always wondered how some of those same things you mentioned feel for a convert. I realize very much that having been raised a member I take some things unintentionally for granted. I wonder what I would think about the church if I were on the outside looking in. What would I think of the Primary songs if I had never heard them before? Would I jump right in and embrace the Gospel? What would I be reserved about? Etc. You know what I mean ;)

I appreciate your post, and am very happy for you and your little family! Thanks for letting me leave a comment.