Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Special Pregnant Lady at the Gym

I think everyone is scared of me at the gym because of my big belly. But I rather enjoy going every now and then (about once a week before maternity leave, maybe 3 times now?) to use the machines - particularly the elliptical, the treadmill and the stationary bicycle. At first, my stomach was safely concealed in my college sweatshirts and it was only after I took it off that the stares would come my way. It made me feel special, noticed, and well... pregnant, but happy pregnant. Like.. HAHA I'm working out at the same speed as you sucker!! Lately, I'm so big that even a sweatshirt won't hide the bump, so upon checking in, I always get at minimum, a stranger commenting on how dedicated I am or the front desk clerks telling me congratulations and asking me when I'm due. It's kind of nice to be the special pregnant lady at the gym and I will be a bit bummed when the baby is just a layer of fat waiting to be shed off.

Today, I was not just the special pregnant lady at the gym. Today, I was the special pregnant lady at the gym who rode her bicycle so fast and hard while finishing up the second book of the Hunger Games - Catching Fire. I won't lie - I already knew the ending - I couldn't wait to get my hands on the book during Thanksgiving when I read the first one so I googled the synopsis for the second and third books. I tend to do that a lot - I ruin the ending by googling it first (did it for The Next Three Days and Taken - both highly recommended action thriller movies). I guess I like to know what to expect.

... which would be why I have overdone myself with indulging in pregnancy info. I know things never go as we expect - but you can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst, 50% effort 50% opportunity, but I still like to be as prepared as possible. It's why the husband and I have been purchasing gallons of water every week and some extra can fooded items from Costco. We want to not only heed the Prophet's warning about proper food storage, but also, just be ready for if disaster should ever strike. I wish I had stored up on gas with the rising prices these days. Yikes!

Maternity leave has been awesome so far. I get to be the special pregnant lady at the gym more often, I get to cross things off my list, and I get to enjoy the time when Baby goes with me everywhere and anywhere with minimal effort (cuz he's still in my tums). My bedtime is 11 PM and tomorrow I'll be venturing off to Manhattan Beach for some errands and the coastline. It will be nice! I like maternity leave and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Can you tell I'm preggers? (if you look closely at my "WOW" photo - you'll notice my husband is just a "WOU" - go figure...

How about now?

Okay fine.. but now you really can!

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