Friday, April 29, 2011

Sooner Than We Expected!

Our due date is May 15th and we were both hoping to make it until then. I am still very comfortable though my back hurts every now and then (a simple adjustments takes care of it) and it has become increasingly harder to sit and get up. Still, I don't feel like I am ready for the baby to come out and I am not wishing for him to just get out! I am quietly enjoying maternity leave, the free time, the flexibility to go and do as I please and the checklist of things to do that is shortening with each passing day.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and the doc told me my cervix is 3 cm dilated - but stretchy and she'd almost say 4 cm, 80% effaced and something about how far the baby's head is - 1 plus station. I know the goal is to get to 10 cm, but as for everything else, I was quite lost and just asked her if we'd make it until next Friday (Andy's last shelf exam for the last third year rotation, coincidentally, obgyn). She said it was unlikely but that you never really knew. She then advised me she'd be out of town for a girl scout camp this weekend, so to try to have it after she's back and by the way, pack your hospital bag. She said the latter three times - so I'm guessing she thinks it could be any day now!.

I wasn't phased by the news, except one small adjustment I made was avoiding the gym after my appointment. I really like the endorphin rush, but I've heard rumors about girls who get on the elliptical to encourage the baby to come as well as those who go on walks to get the baby going. No way Jose! To the extent I could control it by not working out, I was on board to do exactly that.

After running some more errands in Old Town and dropping by JoAnn's for some ribbon to finalize my flag pennant for the baby's room, I came home, eager to finish his room. Currently, the only outstanding item is a shadow box frame that I had planned to put cute sayings and spaces for photos - but that can wait (maybe this afternoon). As for everything else - the room is just about ready (we just washed the crib sheet and bumper so it'll be so fresh and so clean clean for when he comes home). It's pretty empty in there so far but I'm very excited that my disdain for a nursery has turned into a fun DIY project that I quite enjoy (plus I'm one of the main characters who will appreciate as I'm sitting there breastfeeding).

So it looks like Baby Phillips might come sooner than we think! The really funny thing is apparently I am unaware of contractions as I'm having them. We spent the majority of last night with Andy educating me on when I had a contraction by feeling my stomach harden. I told him this is what my stomach always feels like because of my abs of steel. He was not amused. We sat there and timed the contractions for 30 minutes, noting they were 5 minutes apart and about 1 minute in length. Uh-oh. We quickly finished what we needed to - I finished the baby's room stuff, took a shower, put all my craft stuff away, Andy helped me pin some stuff up in the baby's room, finished his studying for his practical exam this morning, we packed our hospital bags, put the carseat by the door, cleaned up the house, made some phone calls to family and geared up in case baby decided to come!

An hour later, Andy gave me some water and asked if I was dehydrated from the day. Come to think of it - I hadn't been drinking that much water from my nalgene, which I normally consume 2.5 bottles of in a day. So I quickly drank some water, we watched some TV and continued timing the contractions. They had slowed down to random spurts of 10 and 15 minutes, so we calmed down and got ready for bed.

Throughout the night, all I could think about were the contractions I kept getting and how to tell if I was having them. There hasn't been any pain so far, just a strengthening in my stomach. The worst pain was yesterday morning when I woke up with a calf cramp in my left leg which I can still feel in spite of stretching it and massaging it every moment I get. Oh well.

Today, I'm off to the Fashion District with my mom in the morning to scope out some cheap discounted baby gear. Then, I'll be back by lunch and continue working through the checklist and timing my contractions in order to log 'em down (the latter is not a fun process).

Only time will tell if Baby Phillips is coming this weekend. If he does, maybe Andy will get to deliver him! If he does come before Andy's test, he may still be able to take it (fatigued yet better than waiting until next year!).

It's all happening... sooner than we expected! But we are still thankful and hopeful for everything to turn out well and we can't wait!


Genny said...

4 cm and 80%? woah, you can have this baby tomorrow! :) Party your last days as a couple! And then enjoy motherhood. You'll be a great mom.

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

My labor with Daniel was virtually painless until they broke my water at 7cm. Labor with Joy hurt like crazy. Funny how deliveries can be so different.

Hope Baby waits until Andy's exam is over. If he doesn't, though, Andy might learn a few things that'll be helpful on his test. :)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Fun running into you at the sample sale!

I bet your baby will be here by Wednesday - what about scrapbooking night!?!? Haha. Keep him in 'til after that k? :)

I want to see pictures of your nursery and all these fun projects you're working on!

Deidra Smith said...

So hard to guess when babies will come. I had contractions that did hurt and contractions that didn't. Contractions that were close and regular that I had for a couple of weeks, and contractions that were sporadic and then just all of a sudden jumped into gear. It's so hard to tell-until you really get going. Usually something tells you that it's a little different this time. Good luck!! Hope all goes well. Exciting!!!