Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Glimpse of My Prego Life

I started my day with a bowl of Fiber One, a recent purchase due to the increased constipation as of late (it comes with the hormonal changes). I then worked from home (thank goodness for a job that allows me to do so) and met my mom for lunch at Chipotle. It was her first time at Chipotle so I offered to order for her but after sitting and staring at the menu for a while, she ran to me and let me know she wanted a steak salad and we both ate every single bit in our bowls and I got a to go burrito for Andy. During lunch, she reminded me of the chicken I would have to eat after giving birth. She then reminded me of all the protein I was to eat and offered to bring me some peanut and walnut soup next week (I think it's a Chinese thing) and asked me if I was eating my swallow's nest every day as instructed. I have been. Then, to my surprise and joy, my mom gave me 10 oranges and a juicer! I have been wanting a juicer for so long and I finally got one - and the kind that is easy to use and similar to the one we had growing up. I went home and immediately made 3 cups of OJ.

But before I got home, I stopped by Target to return the foot spa I got that was a lie from the image on the box! You see, for quite some time now, I had been meaning to buy a plastic container I could use to soak my feet in. I devised a plan to go to 99 cent store but there, the only containers big enough had holes in them (colanders of some sort). So the one I got from Target seemed like just this - except it actually came with a cord and a plug to make bubbles and keep the water warm! This isn't what I wanted! But I'm adventurous.. I'm spontaneous... so I decided to give it a shot. After just one use, I easily concluded - it's going back.

Back at home, OJ consumed, work day fulfilled, scripture study with the hubby done, good-bye said to the hubby for his overnight call, I looked at my now softer (temporarily) feet and decided to paint my nails. I had gotten a bunch of free nail polish from some friends who had the VIP discount from OPI Products and still had not yet dived into any of 'em! I shrieked with joy in anticipation.









Exceedingly hard.... and as such, I have added a pedicure to my list of "to do's" during maternity leave before the baby comes (I also need to cut my so long hair that it's almost at my waist, finish our taxes, figure out insurance for the baby, go to Baby Depot at Burlington, wash the baby's clothes, get the carseat, clear the baby's room, .... etc....).

At the defeat of painting my own toes, I got dinner ready for myself. Five meatballs and a sandwich with arugula, tomato and cheese.. ahh dinner on my own. I know I know. It's weird. But it's so good - and with the leftover tomatoes, I put a tablespoon of sugar on - soooo good, another favorite from my childhood.

So now, I just need to fold the rest of the clean laundry from three nights ago, continue making the flag pennant for Baby Jordan's wall behind his crib while watching prime time TV, enjoy a coconut popsicle, take a shower, and continue reading my book of selection (while watching the baby move around in my stomach from the corner of my eye). It's not as fun as when Andy is around but this will be his second to last overnight call for third year... and with that... we got through the crazy overnight calls during third year.

And tomorrow, I will wake up .... work out... go to the doctor.... and then to the office for my office baby shower lunch, one meeting, and .... I'm done! Maternity leave begins!

And so... even a glimpse into my prego life immediately demonstrates how normal, yet unnormal it is. Being pregnant isn't that different from being not pregnant. It's easy taking the baby with me everywhere. Once he comes - now that will be a different story!

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Ian and Gena Hopper said...

Aww D, I hope it was a good last day at work. I will miss waiting for you to log on at 3pm (my time).