Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Declaration of Food I Love!

People often ask me what weird stuff I've been craving since being pregnant, has it been pickles and ice cream? Sorry to break it to you folks, but that was appetizing even before I became pregnant. I mean, I wouldn't go as far as to say I'd dip the pickle in my ice cream, but they sound great together. And I do really like dipping my fries into my ice cream....

You see, I, my friends, have always liked different things ... even before I was pregnant. I can't remember ever not liking pickles and ice cream - until I got pregnant! I could not stand the smell or even fathom the taste of ice cream during my first trimester and though I craved a pickle once or twice, after buying a whole jar during Thanksgiving and diving in three or four times, the high price of $3-4/jar was enough to send me away from wanting to purchase anymore pickles. In its place, I wanted different ethnic food (one day it was Korean, the next it was Japanese, then Mexican, Thai, Taiwanese, Cantonese, etc.), boba, tons of fruit, tomatoes, celery, and Mother's Helpers circus animals and iced oatmeal cookies (not sure why). Then, as of most recently, it has been a cobb salad (hold the cheese please), a veggie sandwich, meat, meat and more meat! carrot cake and pound cake. Of everything, the only thing I am missing is Sara Lee pound cake and I fully intend on fulfilling that craving before the baby comes (if only Sara Lee would go on sale!)

I also really like uncooked mushrooms with ketchup. I'm not sure why - but it's really good to me and I can get full off of just that. Funny thing is, I'm only realizing this now. You see, upon first getting pregnant, I thought my obsession with a Ritz cracker topped with a slice of cheese and ketchup was part of my abnormal pregnancy craving. However, now, about 2 1/2 weeks away from the baby's due date, I am still indulging in Ritz crackers, now topped with egg salad and ketchup and I am eating baby carrots with hummus, Cafe Rio dressing, peanut butter AND nutella. Is that normal? Am I normal? I'm not sure, but it tastes sooo good.

I guess who really cares. I declare - that these are things I love! I love ketchup! I love veggies! I love fruit popsicles! I love Ritz crackers with something and ketchup! All these food items are so scrumptious to me that they often make my pregnant self dance with joy while I eat it at our kitchen countertop - fearless of what people may think because I, my friends, LOVE it!

So the lesson learned is... not to be afraid of boldly declaring what you love - even if people will think you're weird. Hehe.

Another thing I love? Whip cream. Can eat tons of it.... TONS. Can literally sit and just eat it out of a cool whip package or with the spray pumps. And I'm not ashamed to admit it! I love it!!!!

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Kara @ Just1Step said...

Um, I LOVE whip cream. I eat it out of the container with a spoon whenever it's available, and I get the strangest looks. I'm so glad to know someone else on this earth share my whip cream love, haha.

Oh, and while I was pregnant, I couldn't stand black beans. Like absolutely 100% thought I was going to throw up if I even saw them. It was quite an issue, because my husband and I eat black beans at least once a week, usually more. So while I was pregnant, I would have to leave the room while he ate them. Or I remember telling him one night that if he wanted to eat black beans with dinner, he was going to have to eat outside. He thought I was nuts. Thank goodness, I went back to loving them again a while after Krew was born. :)