Friday, April 15, 2011

I Need a Big HAT for Easter!

My family doesn't celebrate Easter. The most we ever celebrated was a trip to the Santa Anita Race Track for some free Easter giveaways and an Easter Egg Hunt in our backyard one year. Beyond that, the neighbors would always give my brother and me cute lil Easter baskets, goodies or gifts - but after about 3 years, they stopped. In my 20's, Easter meant cute floral Spring dresses with a big hat and maybe an Easter day brunch. No Church, no Saviour, nothing beyond cute, fun and maybe some Easter eggs or bunnies.

Last year, Easter was the same weekend as General Conference and Andy's family was visiting. We were still engaged, but I got to spend both days with his family watching Conference, hanging out, enjoying all the Easter goodies (I even made an Easter bag of fun for my now nieces and cousin-in-laws), watching my now niece run around the house looking for princess Easter eggs, and most importantly, remembering the significance of Easter.

This year, the only family we have nearby is my family and they don't celebrate Easter. We won't be seeing Andy's side of the family and well... that means Easter with just the two of us?

Maybe.. maybe not.. but as Andy and I were discussing what to do for Easter, I exclaimed, "I need a BIG hat for Easter!" You see, it had become such a staple of my Easters before that I said it so naturally as if it was just another item on my checklist for Easter. When Andy asked me why, I stammered to attempt to explain that that's what Easter meant to me for a long time - big hats (and mimosa brunches).

Well, I don't know what exactly we're doing yet. I don't know who we'll be spending it with besides each other... but I do know I'd like to attempt the following menu;

Sparkling Mango Lemonade
Deviled Eggs
Grilled Rosemary Lamb Chops
Mango Chicken Salad
Honey Lemon Carrots
Creamy Sweet Potatoes with Marshmellows on Top
Carrot Cake

Looks like we might have to invite some people over huh? And maybe we can have a WASPy theme - of big HATS, floral dresses, seer sucker suits, Brittany Spear hats, suspenders, bow ties, and polka dots!

Alas, as long as we remember what the importance of the day is. Not bunnies, not eggs, not big hats.. but the Savior, his resurrection and eternal life. I'm sure it will be hard to teach lil Jordan this when all his eyes will see are the easter eggs, treats and bunny... but lucky for us, we will have more than just a day to teach him about it. We will have Family Home Evenings to teach, to talk about the meaning of Easter, and for myself this year, I can try to prepare all the yummy food before Sunday so we are focused in Church and can come home to a wonderful Easter meal to celebrate our Savior and remember him.

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Ian and Gena Hopper said...

Menu sounds yummy! What a good meal planner you have become. You can probably still have brunch with your family. I'm sure there is a seed somewhere that can be watered and remind us that we need a savior.