Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Morning!

Despite last year being Jordan's first Christmas, this year was so much more fun since he could participate!  We've been reading the Christmas Story together, talking about Christ with him, and opening gifts.  Still a little unsure how much he understands of Christmas, but he's got gift opening down!  The best part was every gift was amazing to him.  He'd open one, and then sit there obsessed with it until we made him open the next (which he begrudgingly did for some as we were distracting him from his latest interest).

I woke up around 7:30 AM but Andy and Jordan were both still sleeping.  I tried going back to sleep but just couldn't.  Two Christmases ago, I felt Jordan kick for the first time that morning and secretly, though this baby is about one month behind Jordan's timeline, I hoped for the same gift.  No such luck! When Andy and Jordan both finally woke up around 8:30 AM, we went upstairs for Christmas morning!!

We went through our stockings and Jordan quickly grew attached to the head lamps in Andy's stocking.  None of the stuff in his stocking impressed him as much as those head lamps.

Around 9 AM, we got onto facetime with the McKissicks!  We missed Andy's sister and family as they are in Angola and went to Cape Town for Christmas instead of back to us (shorter trip but we'll see some of them when we move to Salt Lake for Fourth of July 2013!), but the power of technology enabled us to open the gifts they got us with them watching.  It's amazing how long distances seem so much shorter with the power of technology.
Jordan LOVED the gifts he got from his cousins.  He immediately began playing with his toys and even "oohed" when he opened his wooden tool set.

I have to go call in payroll and process the company's 401k (one con of a flexible work arrangement is really no vacation ever...) so instead of blogging more, here are photos.  Enjoy!

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Lauren said...

Merry Christmas! Jordan looks like he had the best day ever!

That is smart to video chat with family too far away! I wish we had thought of that!