Monday, December 31, 2012

The Power of Prayer

I know it's silly to assume every prayer will get answered and that all will be dandy with prayer, but I have never thought not to pray when losing something, even if just for comfort if the lost item is not relocated!  In the past, I've prayed for my lost Seven jeans, my lost Fendi sunglasses (materialistic much?) and most recently this morning, Jordan and I prayed for the expensive camera we forgot on the plane (who does those things?!) yesterday afternoon.  I knew there was a huge chance we'd never recover it, that the EDD money from maternity leave would go towards that instead of an expensive fridge, but I also knew praying about it would help me whether the outcome was good or bad.  And I sure hoped it was good because that was an expensive camera, it was a Christmas gift from Andy's parents to him a few years ago for the sole purpose of capturing higher quality photos of Jordan (which we have no doubt neglected and resorted to our lame iPhones most of the time), and lastly, it had a bunch of our photos on it (some creeper would have our photos!)  There was much repenting on my part fot the abuse and neglect of this nice camera that we are so fortunate to have.

All of a sudden, regret waved over me.  We should have labeled our case with a name.  We could have put a contact number or a business card with it.  We should have noted the serial number (for reporting it online through Southwest).  Shoulda.  Woulda.  Coulda.  

They say marriage is two becoming one.  Well, for Andy and me, this worked much to our advantage in the case of the expensive camera we left behind.  I remembered this morning as I went to charge the battery (we forgot to bring our charger assuming Andy's dad's would work, it didn't. ... and the camera was useless for the entire duration of our trip), but I only figured out how to report a lost item online after talking with the Southwest representative on the phone and being advised that was the only way.  Andy, on the other hand, began googling stuff, called Southwest for the number of the airport's baggage service counter, and spoke with someone who confirmed an item matching our item's description was in their possession.  Hallelujah!  Tender mercy, power of prayer, karma, kind and honest airport workers, whatever you want to call it... we were so extremely grateful and relieved.

And now, I am on my way to repenting and using this camera for all its worth, but not before thanking Heavenly Father for this tender mercy.  If we had lost it, we were ready to learn from this big mistake and never ever lose another expensive item on the plane again, and more importantly, we'd have this sense of comfort that it was just a material item and at least we had not lost our kid (that thought may be funny to you, but it seriously crossed my mind).  For the record, I have lost used Rainbow flip flops on a plane that never got returned.  Wish I thought to pray then because then I might not still be festering over it.

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