Friday, December 21, 2012

Know Your Warranties People

We just recently realized the Apple Care that came with our iPad (holiday gift from work last year) covers up to TWO accidental damages for a service fee of $49 for up to two years from the date or purchase.  Woah!

That means our scratch (a result of a hit from Jordan with his plastic water gun) may be fixed!  It made me realize everyone should understand the warranties with all products they own, including the limited warranty, manufacturer's warranty, and warranties available for purchase.  Whew.  It's kind of pricey considering the service charge each time, but it's better than a broken iPad.  I recommend it for every person with an iPad and a child (or children).

What great news before we take off for Christmas in Salt Lake!

UPDATE: We didn't get the accidental damage covered cuz we had AppleCare, not AppleCare + which costs $20 bucks more but cannot be purchased now until we verify we do not have existing damage.  Ugh.

We left LA and headed back to Spokane yesterday.  As we were landing, Jordan waved to the snow outside and say "bye-bye" repeatedly.  Sorry buddy, we're home.. not leaving but we will be in another day as we head to Salt Lake for Christmas.

It was a great time in LA but we'll be back in March for Disneyland.  Woo hoo!  Jordan had a great time with wai-puo (my mom), wai-gong (my dad) and jiou jiou (Uncle Ray - my brother) and we were sad to leave, especially at 5 AM.  Booo!!!

Jordan sees Uncle Ray's kindergarten picture.  
He thinks about it...
 He decides to kiss it because he loves jiou jiou
 Then he goes for a bike ride
 He stops when he sees a photo of himself!
 He wants it!
 He gets it!
 Wow, what a handsome fella!

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