Saturday, December 29, 2012

So Many Exciting Things!

This break in Salt Lake has been filled with so much fun and excitement and though I have photos and things to blog about, right now I just want to list two thoughts in my mind.

1. We may soon join the homeowner club.  We made an offer on a house in Salt Lake in anticipation of residency there for the next four years, and even though Andy and I both technically have bought apartments before (both with our families), this is the first time it'd be all us, with all our money for the down payment, with all our credit on the line, with all of the info hitting our tax returns.  Ahhhh!  Exciting!!!  Now we just wait and see what the seller says.

2.  I am seriously stoked, genuinely excited and absolutely relieved to have absolutely no New Year's plans this year but be asleep when the clock strikes 12.  As I scour facebook and see all the posts about New Year's parties, general admission for over $100 and premium open bars, I am twice relieved that I am Mormon and that is no longer my scene.  I remember the days of ridicule I'd get when I would suggest we all just stay home and chill.  After much consideration, my idea would be laughed at and off to some ridiculous party we'd go.

Those are the exciting thoughts in my mind right now.  And Andy, Dennis (Andy's dad) and me all got Nike Fuel bands for Christmas.. so we're also constantly comparing our fuel points and calories.  It's awesome!!

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Lauren said...

Ahh! Buying a house is seriously the stuff my dreams are made of!! But I don't think that will happen for us for a long, long time. Congratulations to you though, that is so exciting!