Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sunday Fun Day

Sunday was a blast!  We started off the morning by going to two churches!  First, we went to a church where our friend, Johnny, was playing the violin, and Andy was accompanying him (he asked Andy Saturday night but we gladly obliged!).  Right after the performance, we left for our old church building and got to see a bunch of old friends.  It was awesome.  It's insane how quickly kids grow - all these pregnant women (when we left) were now with babies a few months old.  I forget how quickly children change and how we seem to stay the same.  Jordan fell asleep on the car ride between churches and managed to stay asleep until partway through the second hour.  We ventured off to Nursery once he was awake, but he was apprehensive and unsure of the new faces.  He stayed in my lap and just observed quietly.  After a few minutes, he got up for the ball and eventually, didn't care if Mommy left, so I did just that.

We did miss some friends (where were you Paige and everyone's already gone for vacation?!) but I got a printout of our tithing for tax purposes (thanks Ryan!), saw lots of people we miss, and it was great fun.  For lunch, we actually went out to eat (*gasp), but since my family aren't members, being home with them really is like being on real vacation.  Cooking in my mom's kitchen is not really an option due to her sensitivity to us invading her kitchen space (and the discord that ensues from it), so we ventured out for a quick bite and then made our way home to get ready for hot pot with the extended family.
 Nursery fun.
 Cousins post hot-pot in the living room (really wished I got a photo of us all standing around the table eating cuz it was so funny).  

Besides getting some gas and food on the Sabbath, it really was a great Sabbath Day.  Lots of good church time and family time.  And of course, Jordan got more gifts from all the extended family.  He really is so spoiled (especially considering none of us exchange Christmas gifts anymore, but somehow there's an exception for little kids including my now 15 year old cousin who I still get a gift for haha).


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Ha, thanks for calling me out :) I had a migraine so Chris let me stay home and took the kids to church. Best two hours of my life! Sad I missed you though!!!

Lauren said...

Ah, I'm bummed we weren't there to see you! Glad you had fun!