Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Work Work Work!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I've been working a lot since Andy left Monday morning (sad face, but work calls) since work flew me out here.. but boy oh boy have I been working!  Like a madwoman!  With free childcare from my parents, it's sort of sad when I come back after a long day of work and LA errands (like facial, cutting my hair.. all my typical LA "me" stuff), Jordan is so happy to see me, he won't let me stop holding him.  It makes me feel so loved and awesome but I also see how excited he gets when my dad or mom come home, so I know with time.. I'd lose that coveted spot of favorite just from sheer amount of time spent with him.  Kind of sad.  I don't know how working full time moms do it, I'd miss my baby so much!  I really hate hearing everything he did, knowing I missed out on it all.

On Monday, I went to a much needed facial (she cleaned my blackheaded nose good!) and then had lunch and training with a new girl we're bringing on with me in Finance and Operations.  By the time I got home, it was after 3 and Jordan was still napping.  He eventually woke up and we made our way to Sinbala for some taro boba, Chinese fried chicken, and Chinese kimchi, and then headed to the Camerons'.  Jordan didn't recognize Alex (guess I wouldn't expect him to since they were both still under 1 when they saw each other last and hadn't really begun playing with other kids yet), and it took both of them a long time to warm up to each other.  They both have such similar demeanors, shy yet active, cautious yet friendly, it was so cute.  They watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I chatted with Whitney after she broke the taro boba cup from trying to put the straw in it (it was hilarious but so awful at the same time, but man I wish I got it on video - sorry Whit, but it really was funny).  She said she was so tired from baby #2 (who was oh so cute! I can't believe how small they are!) but she looked great!  I hope to be half that up and about by the time our baby #2 comes by.  When we left, Jordan had begun warming up to Alex and we asked them to give hugs to each other and they both obliged willingly twice!  It was so adorable.  Absolutely precious.

And then Tuesday came and it was more work work work!  I had to finish our YE presentation and get it off to the printers (FedEx Office haha) before I made my way downtown to meet up with old co-workers.  What a trip.  I miss the old firm but I do really love my new job and new team and have no regret about the decision I made and what I have now instead - Jordan and part-time work.  I got a nice free meal, caught up with old co-workers and made my way home just in time to catch Jordan in a nap again.  Capitalizing on it, I left to get a hair cut.  

Ummm.... .... I love my long hair but every five years or so, I just have a yearning to chop it all off.  Go for a big change.  I told myself after the last time, that I was done.  The last time was 2006.  Before that... 1998.  I guess I didn't learn my lesson.  Medium or long hair, no more short hair.. but alas, once I was in the chair telling my favorite lady (whom I've been going to for the last 14 years! even when I left and tried others, I always came back to her!) I wanted to donate the hair to my mom (who has been using hair pieces with her hair and losing a lot of hair lately) for a potential wig, she just put it into a ponytail, told me it had to be very short to make a wig, and started cutting.  I didn't even have time to reconsider and at the end of the day, my hair grows really fast and it's just hair.. but man, am I a bit dejected.  I look like a mom and a fob, all at once.  It's literally above my neck.  The back of my neck is buzzed.  I am really nervous about washing it the first time and I know Andy is a bit disappointed (though it's kind of like when he buzzed his hair, I still obviously loved him and thought he was so handsome, I just thought he was more handsome with hair... likewise for me I suppose).  Oh well!  Life moves on!  

Jordan didn't recognize me at first... but then he did and he loved putting his hands through my hair and I loved that it didn't hurt - because it's so dang short!  His hands slide right in and out and nothing is damaged haha.  I do feel I have to wear long dangling earrings again and probably start putting a bit of lipgloss and eyeliner on to make the hair look less childish.  Man.... what have I gotten myself into?!  
It grows out.  It will grow out.  It will last a long time.  I keep telling myself, reassuring me... and hoping for the best.  But it really is short.  I'm about two snips away from a pixie cut (in my opinion).  

And this time.. it really is a mom bob.  Hello motherhood, I have arrived.  

 Excited to chop it off!
 the ponytail in all its glory
 this is how ugly it will always look and the way I felt after.. what have I done?!
I think this means I have to wear lipgloss from now on.  There's no distraction to my hair anymore, I kinda look like a wannabe 20's flapper girl.
 better when I'm not making such an awful face but still... stinking short! 
 My brother said it best.  "Dude, you totally look like a mom now."  
We watched Lincoln last night and we kept seeing men with haircuts that resembled me.  It's almost like I have the George Washington do.  HAHAHA.  


Chris and Paige Evans said...

I think your hair looks great! It'll be so much less work now - and working moms need as much time as possible! :)

Lauren said...

I think it looks so good! Cute and classy! =)