Monday, December 3, 2012

Please Tell Me Markers Aren't Poisonous

Cuz while I was trying to get a work e-mail out, I'm pretty sure Jordan licked a red marker.  Well, to be technical, what I saw was him licking his hands after drawing them red but I have no doubt he also licked the marker itself too.  Now, his hands have faint pink residue and his lips have a nice pink glow about them.  But he is sitting next to me, happily munching on tostitos (with a hint of lime) and dried squid.  We are going out for our daily outing soon, but I had to put out some fires and send some reminders before naptime (aka worktime).
yum yum!
see my red hand?
 they taste better than my face would imply
 I eat you pen!

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Sarah said...

haha hopefully that's the worst thing he ever licks :)! I've had to call poison control twice for Payt; one time I found him chomping a prenatal vitamin, and the other time...well, haha, now I can't remember! What the heck? Pregnancy brain. Anyway, both times they were like "no big deal" because I caught him soon enough.