Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Building Bad Habits: One at a Time

I've complained before about how Jordan is not that great of an eater.  Eating seem to be optional to him.  If he's really hungry, he'll eat anything (but determining this exact timing is rare).  Somehow, we always seem to be at Trader Joe's when he's ravenous, so by default, he thinks their food sampling station is the most amazing and will always head there first if he's allowed to walk and push a baby cart.  As soon as he's done with his sample, he'll immediately ask for more.  I have been known to take three or four samples in one visit.  Sometimes, I even take the item being sampled, pretending I am so invested and about to purchase it.  Subsequently, I dump it in the frozen aisle far away from the sampling station.  Yes, I'm that person.

When Andy's home, eating with him at the dining table is a long exhaustive process.  Eventually, he will always eat.

When it's just me and him, I've unfortunately given in to putting on a TV show while he eats.  It's utterly amazing how it makes him eat.  He will sit there and eat ALL of whatever I have made him, but leisurely while he is enjoying his show.  I know this is not great mothering and also developing a horrific habit, but heck.. if it works, I ain't giving it up anytime soon! Plus, now that he knows how to say, "no" (though he doesn't use it often, he's more of a "yes" toddler), the one thing he will say "no" to is, "try this" or "eat this" or "take a bite."  "NO!" he will respond articulately.  Yes, it starts now.

Yesterday, we watched some Mormon messages about an airplane and youth that was 7 minutes long, 3 times.  During this time, he ate a waffle and a tortilla.  Today, he is watching Super Why and not only is he elevating his ABC abilities, but he has eaten almost half of his egg and cheese wannabe mcmuffin sandwich.  The other half is in jelly and butter because I thought something sweet might be good to toss it up but the dark purple jelly scared him and he hasn't done anything but play with them, pretending they are little dancing toys.

I've got my hopes up that baby number 2 will be an active and involved eater because so far, I've given in to donut and churro cravings that I wouldn't let myself do with number 1 and I'm also the trash eater - anything Jordan doesn't eat, I feel guilty about and end up eating it (even if I'm full) - needs must stop that!  I must admit, Jordan is just like me as a kid.  I also didn't care for much food and can remember being scolded at for not finishing my food when I really just didn't want to!!!  But, I did eat fruit and ice cream willingly, and Jordan seems to be okay with some fruits and milkshakes, so really he's just a slight deviation from me as a kid.

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Kari said...

This sounds really familiar. I do the same things with my oldest. The 2nd one is soooo much better! He has bad days too but for the most part they are completely opposite. I feel bad when I look at their plates and I have given the 2nd one more than the first but he eats it.