Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eating in LA Soon!

Jordan and I are coming to LA a few days before our scheduled partial vacay (half will be in Arizona with our friends again!) because of a quarterly work meeting on Thursday.  Andy will join us late Friday night after Step 3 of the Boards.  In preparation, I have been thinking of all the places we want to eat and because I know what I like and don't have much time to experiment... our week will basically consist of (if we can fit it all in!):
  • Thirfty ice cream
  • Pinkberry or Yogurtland fro-yo 
  • Sinbala shaved ice and Taiwanese delights
  • Ding Tai Fong dumplings and chicken soup
  • Saladang satay chicken and pad thai
  • Golden Deli spring rolls wrapped in lettuce
  • Phoenix Inn seaweed and desserts
  • Panera Mediterranean veggie and fiji apple chicken salad
  • In-n-Out burger and shake
  • Cha-cha chicken Caribbean chicken
  • Kogi Truck tacos
  • Full House Seafood dim sum
  • Cathy's Bakery's baked goods
There doesn't feel like enough time since Thursday I'm in Manhattan Beach all day, Sunday is the Sabbath (and we'll be dining in with family and friends), and Monday we're off to Disneyland, but we're making the most of when we are in town, and so excited for all the good LA eats.

I'm grateful that my family lives in the LA suburbs and that we'll get to consistently go back a few times a year, even if it means we'll always be eating at the same places.  What can I say?  We know what we like and we can't wait!

And because family members want to see photos of Jordan...
 at the park with his best buddy Finn.

eating cantaloupe with Finn and having a conversation in jibberish (Finn can speak but he indulges Jordan and says "yeah?" everytime Jordan speaks jibberish to him)
 putting practice with Daddy

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Lauren said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who plans all the places they want to hit up while on vacation. Every time I go back east there's at least 10 restaurants I want to eat at!!