Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kid App Review: ABC! You and Me!!

Since Jordan has become intrigued by the alphabet, we have seized the opportunity to go over at least one letter with him a day.  

One of the highly rated kid apps I downloaded was not very appealing to Jordan a few months ago, but has become one of his favorites lately!  It is none other than Callaway's Endless Alphabet and it is super duper cute, interactive, and surprisingly educational and helpful for a kid app.
It's got animated monster characters and is really well done!  First, you pick your word and the best part is the words are not your typical simple ABC words (apple, bear, cat, etc.) but instead, words that a kid might not understand or even know of!  You pick your word from the menu or can just start with A and go from there...
Then, you see the colorful word and a bunch of monsters run through the word, scattering the letters.  Now, your mission, should you decide to fulfill it, is to place the correct letters back onto the word outlined.  The letters are animated when you drag them, make sounds of the letter, and once you place it on correctly, it says the letter.  Jordan loves imitating some of the sounds and some of the pronunciations (still some letters he's more hesitant about).  If you misplace the letter, you get a "womp womp" sound which is so hilarious when Jordan copies it.  "womp womp!"  
After you've put the letters on correctly, the word will be read outloud.  
 Of course, it's animated so the letters move and do a little dance.  
Then the letter acts out the word - this part is great.  The animated monsters are very exceptional.  Finally, the narrator will explain what the word means and sometimes give an example.  We like "it's okay to lick an ice cream, but you might not want to lick a shoe" for the word "lick."  

It was free when I downloaded it, so hopefully it's still free now so everyone can go and download it!  We love it and it's definitely helped (along with Super Why) build Jordan's letter vocabulary.  If he sees letters anywhere now, he will point out the ones he knows - even on his own t-shirts.  It's really cute and you'd be surprised how often 'E' and 'O' come up, his first two letters which he is very vocal about.  

Learning's great with your kid and having the apps and extra help from educational tv shows doesn't hurt.  Sometimes my generation isn't so bad.  Hehe. 

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Lauren said...

This looks so cute! I'll have to check it out, I've been looking for good, educational apps...not that London will be interested in it soon, but ya never know!