Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Little Sleeping Beauty

Last night I slept on the guest bed in Jordan's room.  I know he hasn't been feeling well due to his runny nose, sloppy poop, and growing molars, so I gave in to his whimpering requests of "Mommy?" and pointing to the bed when I went to check on him about an hour after I had finally fallen asleep (at 1 AM... again, daylight savings is killing me, as are all the things floating on my mind).  This morning, I woke up before Jordan and he looked so peaceful on his bed.  I decided to get up and grab the laptop to get some work done before my 9 AM team call, but not without first giving him a kiss on the forehead.

The moment my lips touched his forehead, his eyes snapped open and a small emerged from ear to ear. "Mommy!" he exclaimed.  Break. my. heart.  It was just magical.

Oh well, instead of getting any work done, I enjoyed the moments Jordan and I spent on the guest bed, before going over to wake up Daddy and get his diaper changed.

Also magical, when Jordan gets hurt and cries "owee" and basically just needs a kiss wherever his "owee" is to make the pain go away.

I love my sleeping beauty - awake and asleep.

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