Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Is Here

I'm just over the moon that Spring is here.  You can feel it in the weather ever so slightly as we've been in the 30's and 40's, see it in the sun that goes up around 7 AM and doesn't go down until around 5 PM, and feel really good about no more snow (at least this California girl is hoping that last part is true).  It's funny that in high school, after going to Michigan with a buddy to visit the University of Michigan, I thought everyone there was crazy for busting out t-shirts and shorts in the 50 degree weather.  Now, after less than a year, I am pulling out skirts and light sweaters for the 35 degree weather as long as the sun is out!  It feels great!  Funny how quickly your body adapts.  

To celebrate Spring, Andy so graciously took some photos of Jordan and me (most are blurry thought - we're still working on it...) before we gave him his haircut a few weeks ago.  
And then this weekend, we made it out to the driving range (aka our backyard) for the first time in 2013!  Jordan was so extremely excited, even with the bitter cold air and sun hiding, he was in golf heaven.  He stayed out there with Daddy the entire time, they must have been out there for 45 minutes, I joined them for about 15 minutes to take some photos before my camera battery ran out and I was summoned home to finish dinner (which I left cooking while I went to our backyard for some photos). 

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Lauren said...

I keep forgetting you cut your hair, and everytime I see a picture of it I do a double take! It looks so sophisticated!

In love with Jordan's golf obsession, so awesome.