Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lap Baby at 29 Weeks Alone

We're flying tomorrow morning and it's just Jordan and me.  The only problem is my stomach is quite large, I have to get up frequently to pee, and am supposed to walk around for 5 minutes every hour per my doctor.  So, how will I be able to perform all this with Jordan along for the ride on my lap?

Good question!  To make things worse, there is no direct flight to LA from Spokane so we stop in Oakland, but do not have a plane change... kinda even worse in my opinion because we'll get to move around in the plane only and have to pack our own food instead of grabbing a quick lunch.

I'm also nervous about his pooping schedule (normally in the morning) because lately, they have been a little less solid (blame it on teething again) and at 34", the tiny airplane bathrooms in the front (that have a changing table) are quite the challenge.  In addition, how will I use the restroom with Jordan in tow?  He isn't small enough for me to comfortably take him in the Bjorn nor will the baby cooking inside allow for it... so here's hoping he poops a ton tonight and somehow has an outlier of a morning tomorrow.

I've been preparing incessantly.  We've stocked up on some snacks, including the baby food that comes in pouches (because it's a throwback that excites him for some reason), animal crackers in a box (dude, a dollar for a tiny box... are you kidding me?!) magic markers that only stain the paper it comes with which have a bunch of cars and airplanes, a new car toy that is also a bath toy for wai-puo's house, downloading a Little Einsteins episode on the iPad, a new stackable snack tin that he is way excited about and can fit next to nothing (portion control for babies?) but will do for variety - we've got dried coconut, craisins, and cheese rockets, and last but not least, honey comb which are the bomb diggity cereal by the way.  They are so delicious!  In fact, I'm eating some right now.

So any advice anyone has is greatly appreciated... and prayers our way also.  We are going to be a in a plane for about 5 hours, we don't change planes, so we land and just kick it in the same plane for a while as we wait for people to board.  I also really hope the flights aren't sold out so Jordan can have his own seat.  And I hope there are understanding passengers or people with kids who I can ask to watch Jordan while I use the restroom.

Fingers crossed!

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Sijbrich said...

Ha. We just back from a very long trip yesterday. From Peru to Boise. Over 11 hours in a plane. With a 3 1/2 year old and a 14 month old. We survived and it went better than I thought.
It sounds like you are as prepared as you could possibly be. Plentiful snacks and good entertainment are the most important thing and you've got that covered. I think prayers are pretty much all you've got left.

Yesterday as we were hanging out in the plane in San Jose for a short layover I magically and subtly changed the 14 month's diaper (just pee) without going into the bathroom (we were on a tiny plane with a tiny bathroom that doesn't have a changing table). I thought I was so clever. Then they get all the new passengers on and they close the cabin door and say seatbelts on everyone, yadda, yadda. Then the 14-month-old decides to have a smelly bowel movement. That wasn't solid at all. So just imagine me waiting anxiously for us to get to cruising altitude so I can get up to go into the tiny bathroom that I can't even stand up straight in (I'm 6'1"), to hold the baby standing up on the toilet seat to change a poopy diaper. Not fun, but there were no major mishaps and it wasn't a full flight so we did get the empty seat next to us for more room. And I've been pleasantly surprised by how nice and understanding passengers sitting near us have been.

I'm sure you guys will do great. And if not, just remember, you'll likely never see the people on your flight ever again.:-)