Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Good Thing I Hoarded It All

I have a lot of dresses and skirts from high school that I've held onto, partly because there's hope I'll one day fit into them again, and also because I have dreams about repurposing 'em, making it wearable now.  Because a lot of my high school clothes were baggy or stretchy and because pregnancy has left my butt flatter than it used to be, I actually managed to fit into some of my old stuff now!

So lately, I've become obsessed with making old skirts and dresses into new ones.

I made two khaki skirts longer and got rid of a weird slit up the middle of one of them and then, I did the impossible.  I made a bridesmaid dress re-wearable!  Ho HO HO!!!

No, it's not a tube top - see below, it just looks like it.  

The thing you can't see are all the holes on the inside - some from the fabric I tore and the lopsided stitches I made.
Here is the dress four times, we wore 'em for Julia's wedding in 2010, they were such a steal too - $40 ABS formal dresses from Loehmann's.  Ahh, how I miss Loehmann's.

And now, wa-la!  A new skirt to go with those green and yellow shoes I can never find anything to wear with (but is it too matchy matchy?!)

I look bowl legged here. 

Hooray!  Yippee!  Next step: a stop to Forever 21 for some cheap accessories to revitalize some of my old stuff.  My friend Sara from my CMC days taught me to sew once- well, she basically sewed a top for me, I picked the fabric and style, but she was the first one to show me how to sew a straight line... and then, I've had one 2 hour class and everything else has been experimentation, well I think Sara would be proud of me.  I think so!


sara said...

Very proud!! You're doing better than I am at sewing these days!

sara said...
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Chris and Paige Evans said...

AWESOME! It looks great on you! I'm inspired to do the same :)

Ian Hopper said...

Is this Sara Y? I didn't know she had sewing skillz!

Ian Hopper said...

Obviously, that was Gena, not Ian, but I'm too lazy to erase, sign out, sign in, and repost.

sara said...

Gena! Hilarious! I had a sewing machine in my dorm room!