Sunday, August 5, 2012

Resident Wives' Club

Who doesn't like being part of a club?  For the next year, there are a handful of doctors' wives that are all in the same boat as me.  Here for a year and then off again.  Unlike most of them, I was only with Andy through part of med school, but just like them.. this is only the beginning of a long journey still to be had as we all deal with paying back hefty school loans and raising kids while our husbands are away saving lives.  Getting to know them, hearing their experiences, and realizing I am not alone, has been encouraging, eye-opening, and uplifting.  Moreover, it's been fun to have other girls I can relate to on another level.  Other wives who have dealt with all the expensive and time consuming resident interviews.  Other wives who went through overnight calls and crazy med school schedules.  Other wives who are doing the mom gig full-time.  Other wives who have five more years before they can seriously call somewhere home.  And the best part is that these wives are all here, in close proximity (yeah, move closer Jess!) for the next year.

The families that had husbands with Saturday off (5 out of 7... not bad!) all gathered at Liberty Lake this Saturday for some fun summer volleyball, lake lounging, and sand playing relaxation.

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