Monday, August 13, 2012

One Nap Only...?

Jordan didn't wake up until 8 AM this morning, but Andy left at 7:45 AM, so I woke up when he was getting geared up to leave.  I decided it was also time for me to get up (it already felt like I overslept given we are normally woken up by Jordan at 6 AM), I made the bed, said good-bye to the hubs, and then I loaded the whites into the laundry machine, and unloaded the dishwasher items from the night before.  I made Jordan's bottle (he prefers warm milk, he's very particular about such things), and then tidied up the living room.

I heard Jordan making some coo-ing noise so I went into his room and he was just lying there, talking to himself.  "Good morning baby!" and at the sound of my voice, he started to get up, with the biggest smile I have ever seen on his face in the morning.  I changed his diaper, as he lay there just gabbing, telling me all about how well he slept, I'm sure.  And then we went into the living room where he got his warm bottle and lay on the wannabe boppy for 90% of his bottle.  The last 10%, he wanted Mommy to hold him.  And after that, he ran around the living room, taking out everything I had just put away (hey, the 30 minutes was nice), and started to explore all his toys once again.

We had microwaved eggs and milk with a sprinkle of garlic salt for breakfast (I had 2, he had 1) and then we watched some Olympics (on demand), went to the indoor racquetball court to chase a ball (I attempted to work out, I got about 10 minutes in before I smelled a stinky diaper) for a little bit, came back to watch the end of Sesame Street, watered the tomato plant, had some watermelon, and a massive near blowout poop (second time).  Normally, Jordan is beyond tired two hours after waking up at 6 AM, but since he had woken up so late.. I didn't think a nap was necessary.  So we continued to hang out.  He wasn't interested in playing with me anymore, so I worked on some paperwork for getting our passports in order, did some research with the local notary publics around town, and got a call from the Comcast representative, who I bickered with very professionally but very frustratingly, for about 20 minutes.  Jordan, meanwhile, explored the huge box of business cards that Mommy has (and probably will never use up), ate some tomatoes, and played with the mini bags of kleenex that are his new toy.

Around 11 AM, he headed to the kitchen, which meant - he was hungry.  He signed "milk" to me when he heard me microwaving something, and when I asked him if he wanted "milk," he said "yea."  Milk before lunch?  That's odd.  Well..... okay.  "But do you want some fruit snackies or wafers first?" I said as I motioned both items to him.  A slight cry came out of his mouth as he whimpered and whined with his head tilted back and eyes intently focused on the microwave.  "Okay, Mommy will get you some milk," I replied.  He groaned for the next three minutes as I got the milk ready and then we went into the living room where he forgot about his milk request.  When the milk was finally done, I gave it to him and he sat on the boppy and drank about 5 oz, and then sat up.  While he played, I went to get some chicken nuggets ready for him and then he ate his lunch while playing with his Melissa and Doug wooden door contraption.  He tried to sign "all done" (it's palms facing up and then turned to face down - but he just kinda held his palms out and when I asked "all done?" he nodded) and then was off to play again while I got my own lunch ready.  Finally around noon, he seemed ready for a nap.  So I took him into his room and he just lay there, whimpering a little, but too fatigued to get up.    

Freedom I thought, but really - who doesn't feel that the moment their kid goes down for a nap?  I raced over to the computer, caught up on work e-mails, began researching an article I have to write for the next business quarterly newsletter, and then .. I was done.  It's only been an hour and a half into Jordan's nap.. but I don't really feel like folding laundry right now... or cleaning up... or figuring out our weekly menu.  Instead, I'm going to blog about if this is the beginning of a one nap a day baby.  *gulp.  I guess it's not that bad.. but I'll have to get used to it!

This weekend, we went to a Par 3 (my first time golfing besides the driving range) and Jordan was in love.  He's ready to become a golfer.  And according to my husband, I'm actually "pretty good," so if that's not just flattery to someone you've already married, maybe there's more than just hope for Jordan.

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Kristina Clemens said...

Reading your post so took me back to the days when my kiddos were tiny. So exhausting, yet rewarding.
In answer to your question on my blog, I generally shop a lot at H/M, a little at F21, Target, and the clearance section of J.Crew.
Sorry it took so long to get back to ya...been travelling but hopefully things will settle with school starting! =)
Kristina J.