Monday, August 27, 2012

My Homegirl Martha

Jordan has finally transitioned to a later naptime.  Though he's tired at 9 AM, he just lays in his crib about half an hour, talking to himself, and then gets mad and screams for me to go get him.  So even though we got ready to go out for errands at 12, he decided he wanted to read books (his pre-bed time ritual).  After reading a bunch of books, he wanted to be held, turn off the light, and was content when laid down to nap.  He hugged his blanket tightly as I left the room and now I have seized the opportunity to finish sewing the banners so I can mail one to Tammy today!  As I was sewing, I opened Twitter on my laptop and saw I could talk live with Martha Stewart now until 5 PM ET.  Sure.. why not?!  I have been dying to know if she has any suggestions for how to keep my fridge more organized.  So I went ahead and called her.. no wait time... got in... asked my question.. and spoke to her for about 3 minutes!

Today, I can say I talked to Martha Stewart.  Like old cronies.  Just for a while.  Asked her some question.  Got some tips.  Yeah, my homie Martha.

She told me how she does it but then said, it's so hard and it never feels like there's anything to eat and it's never neat enough.  So if MARTHA STEWART feels that way, I feel pretty okay about my inadequate fridge organization skills today.  Thanks Martha!

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Chris and Paige Evans said...

You talked to THE Martha Stewart on the phone!?!? That's pretty freakin cool :)