Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another Sign of Aging

They say fashion recirculates every 20 years.  Having just recently turned 30, that means everything cycling through as "popular" or "trendy" is stuff I lived to see and was well aware of.  The 90's floral leggings or elastic stirrups my mom made me wear with lace ruffles on my socks.  The off the shoulder too short midriff that went with the polka dot leggings with lace on the hem.  Neon.  Lots of color.  Shoulder pads. Color blocking.  Big chunky ankle boots with laces.  Denim jackets without sleeves.

But try as I might.. I just can't get my head around some of the up and coming trends.  The revival of the Indian Navajo (and other tribes, I'm sure, yes I'm ignorant and a proud Apache grad) patterns, or bright floral, patterned, or skin tight leather leggings.

Remember that children's story, the Emperor's New Clothes?  We are living proof of it! Well, fashion is in the eye of the beholder.. and the more we see of this... the more it becomes normal and we grow to actually like it.  

Sorry, but try as I might, I still see these trends channeling Peggy Bundy and our generation becoming the Peggy Bundys of today.  There are some things I do like that are coming back.  Corduroy.  Elbow patches.  Neon.  Lace.  Animal print.  Oh wait, that's not back yet?  Tell that to my high school and college self who had too much zebra and leopard (I still dream of that one zebra evening gown.. oh how beautiful it would have been with red pumps)!

But seriously, I think all this just means I'm aging rapidly.  When I can go to J. Crew and Gap and actually like the stuff there...(I never made a single purchase from Gap growing up.. it always felt so stuffy and old people type clothing, it wasn't until 2006 or something and that was an epic day when I bought casual khakis from there) that is a sure sign that my taste has evolved to be more mature (and expensive).   It's like when the 70's came back in the form of bell bottoms and retro platforms when we were in high school and my dad laughed and laughed and then roared with more laughter as he told me time and time again, how that was stuff he used to wear in his day.  It's like how everyone loves the thick rimmed big square glasses we used to make fun of my pops for having (and my brother now sports .. yes, he's a spitting image of my dad from then).  Yes... fashion recycles itself but by the time you notice it, you are officially old.

Yet another sign of aging.

On another note, when do you think the MC Hammer pants will make a comeback? And my personal favorite... overalls.  Come back overalls!  You were so dang versatile!

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