Friday, August 3, 2012

Flashback Friday

Grace and I were talking about how LA we used to be.  We talked to celebrities in stores (to this day, our favorite is Jessica Biel who was so sincere and sweet), sat next to TV show stars, walked right by everyone who's anybody at the Emmy's three years in a row, mingled with sitcom stars at run/walks, or chatted with them like old friends at benefits, and of course, the infamous time our friend got hit on by Mike Tyson in Vegas, and his entourage invited our Asian crew up to their room for a party (super skech, we politely declined after taking a photo with him).  I remember seeing stars dine in hoity toity places that turned into lounges at night, but acting like it wasn't a big deal (inside it was), or realizing how short Ryan Seacrest is (really short).  Those were the days.  The fun LA days.

"But do we have any documentation of it Daiz?" Grace asked me.  Well, after Andy broke my work computer a week before turning it in upon resignation, I didn't have the chance to save most of my old photos.  So sadly, we only have a few.

But the video of Grace clapping as The Office wins for best show is still online!  So she is forever famous... sorta.

In talking about celebrities, Grace and I realized - they're just humans and the spectacular lure of them decreases when you meet them in person and realize they are just like you, only on TV and in magazines a lot more.  But why we study them so carefully and obsess about them, well - that I do not know, but at least I'm reminded that we shouldn't.  I'll try to limit my celebrity gossip even more than I already have.  I am already quite lost at the who's who of Hollywood these days and I hope to be even further disconnected with time.  

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