Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bad Habits Are Hard to Break

I hate that I slouch.  I hate that I can't feel that I'm slouching.  I hate that I may one day have a permanent hump from all my slouching.

I have tried endlessly and without any success, to overcome my disgusting slouching habit, but after years of trying to blend in with my short friends (sorry guys, but it's true), my body has adapted to the hunchback that it is today.  It is a very difficult task for me to not slouch, to stand up straight, and to keep my shoulders back.  And to make matters worse, I don't truly grasp how much I do slouch because photos have angles that don't focus on posture (or I stand up straight for the few seconds the photos are snapped), and without my mom constantly nagging me now, I'm unaware of how bad it is until a reflection catches my eye.  Now, I'm not one to constantly check myself out in the reflection, but there are definitely times when it will catch your attention.  When you feel the presence of a sloucher nearby only to realize it's you.  Or you catch a reflection and think, is that what I really look like or is the glass bent?!  Videos, however, do capture the slouch (and mannerisms and voice which both creep me out), and unfortunately, I have a problem.

It's not that I haven't tried.  It's just that my body comfortably slouches.  And when I consciously stand or sit upright, my back KILLS.  The muscles are just not developed enough.  My body is too weak to stand up straight.  Oh, and I have a slight bit of scoliosis that never got caught during those elementary school screenings.  I think it's too late for a back brace, but boy - do I wish I had one to fix it back then.

My mom used to always say, "Don't you complain you're too flat chested?  So stand up straighter to look bigger!"  Then, she'd always, without hesitation, follow it up with, "Look at Jennifer, she may be short and big busted, but she always stands up straight, all the time.  Hao Tin!" (so stiff).  Maybe that's my problem.  If I had been shorter, I would have tried to be taller and stood up straighter.   Oh the problems I have.

I'd like to overcome my slouch habit.  I guess blogging about it helps me make a commitment to be better and more aware of my shoulders and holding them back.

So here's what I've decided to do... so it may just happen by 2015.  Yes, it will take years to build up those muscles and overcome the slight scoliosis.

1) Stand against a wall while watching TV for 5 minutes a day
2) Set alarms on my phone that say "Don't Slouch!" three times a day - one in the AM, one in the PM, and one at night before I go to sleep.
3) Work back muscles when I do arms or abs.
4) Pray and get some help from above.

I think 1-3 are great, but am pretty sure 4 will make the difference and help me change.  Here's hoping!

Double yuck.
If this photo was taken from the side.. you would clearly see me slouching.  


Al & Whitney said...

Hello have you ever looked at my posture, worst ever.

Deidra Smith said...

I'm tall too(6ft) and people used to compliment me on how tall and straight I stood. But my problem has come with each baby. I get so tired and slouch more with each one. Now after four babies I'm terrible too. I try to be aware, but am not until my back starts to ache or I'm caught in pics too. It is not an easy thing to change, so good luck to you!

Emmy said...

I used to always slouch too growing up- but my mom would always come and push on my lower back making me sit up straight. So then I did always sit up straight and it would hurt to slouch, but yea, I definitely have sunk into slouching at times. But yes, it will hurt at first but work with it and someday it will hurt to slouch. You can do it!