Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Free Gymnastics Fun

I've discovered the key to a long mid-afternoon nap.  Tire your kid out with something fun and entertaining in the morning!  Preferably something that involves a lot of running, climbing, and activity.
Enter: free gymnastics fun today!  We finally made our way to the local gymnastics studios that has open gym from Monday through Friday from noon to one and is free for kids under 18 months (and first timers and referrals, we plan on going back soon!).  Granted that isn't the best time (it's pretty much Jordan's nap time), to say he had fun is an understatement.

He enjoyed every minute of play time and upon leaving, kept signing "please" and walking toward the gate when he wasn't in my arms.  He found the other gym through the doors on the other side of the lobby and thought he had struck gold as he started walking towards the different mats and gymnastics equipment but sadly, Mommy had to pull him away to go home.  I'd say it went quite well considering he wanted so badly to stay.  I'm glad he only throws a tantrum when he wakes up grouchy and sweaty.  As he said good-bye to the gym, he kindly waved bye to the gym and that was that.  The fatigue probably helped the matter as well.

 Can you tell, he's exhausted but still wants to run around and make his way down the tumbler!

He is still very cautious though and wouldn't go into the foam pit or the bounce house.  He would reach his arms up every time he was going up or down a mat so I could hold his hand as he did so.  We would say "up" and "down" every time and he tried his best to mimic me every time we actually went up and down.  

When we got home, he was so excited from all the fun we just had, he babbled to himself for almost 20 minutes before falling asleep for a little over 3 hours.  Golden ticket! 
Upon waking up, however, he was not pleased.  The head of wet sweaty hair did not help.  You can see he was very displeased.  He wavered back and forth between wanting to sit in my lap, wanting to crawl onto the twisty chair, and standing up to dance when music was played.  The only consistent thing was his bad attitude and whiny self.

But Mommy is super psyched for the fun to be had.  I got an interrupted 3 hours of work and even began dinner (finished cooking one dish) before he woke up.  And, to top it off, I did a quick 15 minute Nike Fit Club cardio routine and finished two loads of laundry.  Andy got off of work at 2 PM and went for a round of golf and got home around 5 PM since the course was quite empty.  A successful and great Monday for all!

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Lauren said...

Looks so fun! I used to go to a tumbling gym with friends when I was in college! I love them!