Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Devastating Identity Crisis

I planned on holding my California license for a long time.  The fact that I had Los Angeles on there made it even sweeter.  But now... after a disappointing encounter with expensive passport renewal fees and the realization that I can just get a special Washington license that enables me to enter Canada (what's that abooot?), I have accepted the fact that I will no longer hold a California license (well a valid current one.. I still have all my old ones!)

Le sigh.

Dramatic right?

Good-bye Cali.  You won't even be in my wallet anymore.

I think I'm framing this for our future home in my future office.

UPDATE: Wahhhhh, I just realized.. I have had my driver's license number memorized since I was about 18 (got it at 16)... which means now I have to memorize a new license number or pull it out everytime like a tool.  Ugh!   Double wahhhhh!

UPDATE: Arrived at the licensing office at 4:30 PM (they close at 5 PM) with Jordan.  Upon entering the lot, surveyed the pretty crowded parking lot, realizing it may have been a bad idea to come so late in the day.  Took a step inside with Jordan in our cheap umbrella stroller and acknowledged self fulfilling prophesy was a reality.  Joined the line with Jordan knowing this would not end well.  After a long discussion with the licensing official, performed a quick cost-benefit analysis, taking opportunity cost into consideration, and realized - I am better off just renewing my passport (unless I don't plan on going anywhere international for the next five years ... but I do!).

So I am still a California license holder!  Woo hooO!!!!!!!!

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