Friday, September 21, 2012

Dare I Say... Mom Dating?!

Jordan and I went to the park yesterday morning to meet up with another mom and child we had met at swim class a few months ago.  She wasn't there and I later found out her baby had fallen asleep 15 minutes prior to our meeting time, but Jordan and I still had a great time at the park being social with strangers!

Despite being very abnormally paranoid, I really like talking to strangers.  Or maybe I just like talking ... ?  I dunno.

A few observations I made at the park.  First, all the school aged kids are back in school now, so the park was just moms with children ages 2 and under.  I didn't have to worry about Jordan getting trampled by any of the big kids (he loves following them around) and I even let him run amuck (but had my eye on him the entire's amazing how much you can actually see when larger kids aren't obstructing the view).  Second, the splash pad gets turned off after Labor Day, so no more cold enticing but alarming water or me going with Jordan to play with the icy cold water.  He was able to play with the water guns (no water coming out) and run around with another child his age.  They even seemed to be conversing at a certain point and pointing at the different splash pad stuff with peculiar interest.

I met a bunch of other moms who invited me to a workout group that meet in the grassy area by the library-- they go for a stroll together and then do yoga on the grass while the kids run around.  And, to top it off, I even got the number and e-mail of one of the moms!  I'm not sure if there's a wait time before you can call another mom, but I got a text back within an hour of leaving the park!  Like a schoolgirl about to go on her first date, I was giddy with excitement.  I like talking to all moms but I just really "clicked" with this mom.  The chemistry was there and I wanted to hang out with her again.  We made plans via text to go to a gymnastics studio with her youngest (age 2) and my only, and I also got an invite to go to an art studio with her (but I can't go then because it's during my weekly call).  For a brief nanosecond, I thought - am I too eager?... does she feel sorry for me or does she really want to be my friend?  Silly thoughts, but it's like I'm dating again, only moms this time.

What will I wear?  Will I say something stupid (like when I looked at her kid and asked, "what's her name?" and she responded, "his name is..." oops!) yet again?  When should I text her again?  Will our kids get along?  Will Jordan play nice?


Al & Whitney said...

hahah I love your posts. Is this how you felt when you met me:)

Tara said...

lol so true!

sara said...

HILARIOUS!! it is a good term!