Sunday, September 9, 2012

The iPhone Club

I never imagined myself as a tech-savvy person.  I joined the Blackberry club at work after almost three  and a half years (it's free so most people get it right away, but in my day.. we used to laugh at the associates who had blackberrys because nobody wanted to be tied down to work like that until they made manager or senior, at least! ... world has changed since then...), and only after I began traveling for work so much that arriving late at the hotel and then having to figure out how the internet worked (no wireless in most hotels back then either..) began to burden me.  Reluctantly, I joined the Blackberry club.  I was instantly in love.  I turned off my e-mail alerts to avoid having the phone ring or vibrate too much but was instantly enamored at the simple option of instant access to e-mail and internet in the palms of my hand.  I loved my first Blackberry the most.  She was a beauty for sore eyes.  Whiteberry I called her, because she was a sleek mini pearlized white with a colored trackball (a program I downloaded before apps were apps).  My second was named Flipberry, because it was a flip blackberry, one that I opted for after my Whiteberry broke down (the colored trackball stopped working, and the buttons fell off.  The commercial had enticed me - I didn't want to butt-dial anyone.  But after realizing it was increasingly difficult to scroll through e-mails or scour the internet during training or meetings without making a big fuss over opening the flipberry, I eagerly awaited for my one year anniversary when I'd be eligible for an upgrade.  At that time, I went with a blackberry bold, the largest blackberry and a whole new set of keys my fingers would have to get accustomed to.

When the iPhone became an option at work, all the young staff jumped at the opportunity while I hesitated simply because it was expensive (this one was out of pocket) and in many ways.. I was afraid to change and learn how to use a new phone.  When I left the Firm and started working for BlueSky, I was told I'd get a free iPhone for work - the phone that everyone else in the Company used.  I again wondered if that would be the right move for me - my blackberry was still functioning, and it didn't seem necessary.  But after a lot of convincing from everyone else, I decided to join the club.

I have never regretted joining the club.

My iPhone is awesome, despite me purchasing it a few months before the next one came out!  Though I still remember my rookie days of slowly swiping the unlock (and being ridiculed by my experienced iPhone club friends), of being unsure how to download an app or navigate to my homescreen or even how to turn the phone to silent ... I now love my iPhone and can't imagine life without it.  I know life will continue without it.. but it just won't be as sweet.

My husband, is also about to join the club with this next iPhone 5 release.  He is rippling with excitement and I, likewise, cannot wait as he has been using my phone to call all of his friends, and I am eager for the days when it will stop looking like "Daisy" has been calling all these men.  "Many marriages will be saved across the US" says Andy to our friend Ryan today, as he explained why I am also full of excitement.  While they were talking, the call got dropped and Ryan texted Andy back on my phone with, "Daisy, service is bad, I will call you later."  ><!!

I'm glad you're finally joining the club Andy.  It's about time!

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Lauren said...

Dan just got his iphone last month and sometimes I worry he loves it more than our child! (Not really, but he is literally always on it.) It's already come in super handy quite a few times though, so hurray for iphones!