Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It Started With CDs

I make a sacrifice of sanity twice a week during my weekly phone calls - one with the bossman and one with the team.  The bossman calls are a little more involved cuz it's just me on the phone.  Here's what went down today. 

First, he wanted to play with the CDs tucked away under the television.  Sure.. if it'll keep you occupied for an hour (here's hoping), why not?!  
He must have remembered being a baby and going through them.  It lasted an entire 15 minutes, at most.  And then he was bored after removing the We Are Scientists cover and spinning the pink CD around a few times while in the case.  

Next, he discovered the empty laundry basket (washed and folded and put away two loads and even ironed today while Jordan was napping) and since there was nothing in it to remove, he decided to take it for a spin around the house.  He pushed it along around the loop through our hallway, the living room, the kitchen, and back to the hallway.  It got stuck when he hit this big bag of towels and pool clothes that has been sitting in our hallway since we last decided to go to a splash pad and subsequently changed our minds.  

He decided he wanted to sit with mom at the table during her call.  So I  pulled out one of the chairs, he climbed up and I gave him a pineapple cake to distract him.  

I forgot how crumbly they get.  
 He saw a banana in the fruit basket, and went for it.
 I helped him peel it after noticing two holes in the bottom of the banana peel.
 Happily eating his banana... but wait, oh, there are oranges too?
 So I peeled some oranges... and then made sure his water was easily accessible.
 He decided it was time to be artsy fartsy.  He proceeded to smash the remaining crumbs and oranges onto the table.
 Some of it landed on his chair, and the carpet - of course.

After that, the call ended, and Mommy decided a bath was necessary even though we like to do baths once every 2 (sometimes 3) days in the Phillips household.

Post bath, Jordan saw the funny lense free glasses we got from Uncle Ray when we were in LA.

 He decided to put 'em on.
 And Mommy decided it was too good to pass up a photo opp for.
To think, we have another call to go through tomorrow morning starting at 8 AM!  Wish us luck! 

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Lauren said...

Ha! This kind of reminded me of, "If you give a mouse a cookie..."
He pulls those glasses off well!