Sunday, October 6, 2013

California Recap: C&O Trattoria

Italian is probably the last genre of food I'd pick when given an option, but while in Venice Beach, I couldn't have thought of a better place than C&O to take the family.  Outdoor seating, all you can eat hot garlic rolls, and even a bright blue parrot chilling outside for us to fawn over.  The fact that it was within walking distance was just an added bonus.  Who am I kidding?  Free rolls within walking distance?  Mmmmmm mmmm garlic rolls!  Nom nom nom!  
And what sort of Asian would I be if I didn't have any photos of our scrumptious food?!
I'd actually never been to this location, the one closer to the beach (literally a block away), but both are on Washington, so really not that far.  

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