Monday, October 28, 2013

Time With Puo Puo and Chinese Breakfast

When I went to LA almost three weeks ago for a work meeting, I also got to spend some quality time with my parents, brother, and just Bubba.  You never know how easy traveling with just one is until you have two.  I imagine that's the same with each additional child!  I had a grand ol' time traveling just with one.  It was all just too easy.  

Before the flight on Friday, I got a chance to finally eat at Yi-Mei, this new Chinese breakfast place less than a mile away from my parents' house that is closed on Wednesdays and was closed last time I was in LA and tried to eat there!  It is amazing.  I can't wait to go back and it has officially been added to my list of regular spots to eat at.  
The screen above is magnificently in Chinese and English so you can not only read the menu but also see great photos of it all!
Mmmm. pineapple cake.  I wanted to take some of these home with me but I was already taking two boxes of mooncakes (something I never really craved until I couldn't have it anymore)
I love those yellow things.  I forget the name in Engrish but it tasting yummy.  
Chicken marinated Chinese style.  Hao!  
Our breakfast - soy milk, peanut milk, salty rice roll, beef flatbread sandwich, chicken, and ground stewed beef with rice and boiled egg.  Delicious!!!
Close-up of the beef flatbread sandwich.
Just me and Bubba in the SINGLE stroller.  Love.  
Just me and my second born, that's all.  No big deal.  

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Jessica said...

Bubba is such a chunker. I love it. Come visit me in WI.