Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Lil Kiwi

Me: Do you want to try some kiwi?
Jordo: No
Me: It tastes just like.......scanning brain to figure out what it tastes like that he likes....raisins? What the heck, kiwis taste nothing like raisins!  But in my defense, he had a huge cup of raisins yesterday so here was hoping...
Jordo: No.
Me: Just try some... please?  You'll like it.
Jordo: No Looks at the kiwi suspiciously
Me: You can spit it out if you don't like it?
Jordo: No Looks disgusted now
Me: I'll let you have my phone if you try some.
Jordo: Ponders a bit... Okay.
I give him a bite of the kiwi.  He looks suspicious even as he's opening his mouth to take a bite. There's no doubt in my mind that he knows it's good now.  The kiwi was delicious!  
Me: Wasn't that good?
Jordo: No.
Me: Do you want more?
Jordo: No.
Me: *sigh... fine, I'll just eat it myself then!  Without even thinking, I put another spoonfull in front of his mouth.  Just in case... He gobbles it up.  I go to take another spoonful for myself and he says...
Jordo: Can I have more mom?
Me: Yes!  Yes you can!!!

I JUST KNEW IT!  I KNEW HE'D LOVE KIWI!  I know it's bad to bribe my son to try something.. but hey, this is the same boy who wouldn't try a cookie until I made some crumbles fall into his mouth.  He just has to trust me!

Also...I know it's a bad habit to let him watch TV while eating.. but tonight he had 3/4 of a cream cheese with chicken taquito and half a roll before the TV came out.  Then, he ate two kiwis, an entire bowl of Mac n Cheese and the other half of his roll.  Methinks the television is the way to go sometimes.  I can't believe how much he eats when he has something to watch.  Amazing.

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