Friday, October 18, 2013

Love Your Job

I know it's important to love your job .... but I don't expect us all to love it all the time.  The trick is to love it more than you hate it.

Well, I sure love my job more than I hate it!  The only time I do not love it as much is when I'm working the night shift consecutively (when the daytime naps don't happen, when I'm cooking a difficult meal, when there's just a lot going on and I'm somehow working from 10 PM - 1 AM after everyone's asleep to get stuff done).   This isn't often.. in fact I can get away with a few nighttime shifts and still get everything done, but sometimes stuff just happens.  The bad kind of stuff.

I'm not sure of any other job that would allow you to bring along your 5 month old son to the team social activity.

Witness.  I did. And he even got into the challenge, sitting in his Bjorn while I did my portion of the cooking challenge relay.  It really wasn't any different than cooking at home, even easier cuz I didn't have Jordna to deal with too.  HA!

Here we are in our white aprons, ready for the action!  The event was just about 10 minutes down the road in Redondo Beach, in an open kitchen with a large dining table set up in front of it for us to mingle around and eat at afterwards.
Team Swedish Meatballs! 
Team Salmon-ill-a
the blind taste challenge: they tried things like strawberries, blueberries, beets, wild rice, ginger, carrots, honey, and capers - first they could smell it, then they tasted it.  My favorite moment was when Jeff and Michelle were blind tasting beets and Michelle was so fearful for anything "different" that she'd be forced to try.  Jeff screamed out "BEETS!" so loud before hardly even tasting them and then tore off his blindfold and ran towards the trash can and spit them out, then boldly declared, "because I HATE beets!!!!"  I was dying with laughter as Michelle barely tasted it and then had the largest grimace on her face I had seen all night and then also ran to the trashcan to spit it out.  I love beets!  I would have gladly eaten them all! 
Bubba made an appearance after the blind tasting portion of the challenge relay...
Team shenanigans...
The boss shaking hands with the newest intern
Bubba enjoying dinner with us too.  
A great event!  I'd highly recommend Simple Gourmet for a team event.  They also had a cupcake challenge and some other options, but we opted for this challenge relay since we're all a bit competitive by nature.

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