Sunday, October 6, 2013

Conference Weekend

I'm still a recent enough convert that I always think back to the first time I ever watched Conference in April 2009.  I count ... this is my ninth General Conference!  Twice a year, my Church.. the LDS Church aka Mormons aka Momos take time off from Church and attend four two hour sessions split over two days listening to our Prophet, Apostles, and other Church leaders speak.  It is always a very uplifting and edifying time and I always feel that ticklish, heartwarming, teary eyed familiarity that I recognize as the Spirit.

This weekend was the first time Jordan seemed to get that we were staying in to watch Conference.  Unlike the past when he's become bored or not been able to function when we're focusing on the messages... he was easily entertained with a few things.  The rather makeshift tent that Andy put together with some of our actual tent sticks, pipe cleaners, ribbons, and sheets, and his other toys.  He stopped to listen to the Prophet when we told him he was on, and seemed to understand, at least a little bit, that it was important to be reverent and pay attention.  I know he sings songs in Nursery on Sundays, so he seemed more intrigued by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's music every now and then, and for the most part, he kept himself busy and didn't bother us.  As a result, I was able to listen to many of the talks during the session (which hasn't exactly been the case for the last three or four sessions).

I also stayed focused in on the messages by taking notes on my phone and using twitter.  I'd scroll through the posts with hashtag #ldsconf and also retweet things I liked and tweet a bit of my own.  It was really fun (I didn't do it the entire time.. but for a majority of two sessions).  Some of the tweeters would tweet quotes as they were being said, so it was as if I had a plethora of great notes right in front of me to review right after.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt it helped me focus instead of fall asleep (guilty as charged.. fell asleep during the Prophet's closing talk).

We also got to see a lot of family (Andy's cousin is leaving on a mission soon so he was in town with his parents, his aunt was visiting his cousin who just had a baby so we got to see them, a two week old - so small!, a few cousins, and of course Andy's immediate family all weekend long).

We had hot chocolate, baked pancake, apple cider, chicken fajitas, omelettes, and fresh squeezed lemonade from Chick Fil a.  Twas a great weekend.  We also took some photos of the grandkids with Ogo and May for their Christmas cards.  I had a fun time editing the photos and can't wait to create our own family Christmas card.  These are just some of my favorites.


Genny said...

Daisy! Your inlaws and neices are adorable!

Genny said...

Haha, and your kids too, of course! :)