Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Time To Start Those Thoughtful Christmas Gifts

Shoot.  I know most people love the holidays starting from Halloween until Christmas... well I guess I'm the outlier.  It's so stressful, and I don't even do much.  But this year, I'd like to do some special stuff, start some traditions within our family, especially since Jordan is 2 and a lot more able to participate and communicate than before.

That means that ABC gospel book I started to make last year (got about three letters done) needs to be finished.  Some shopping on Etsy for a cute gospel quiet book (cuz I ain't that crafty nor do I have the time to even think about making it myself) needs to be done... and some serious thought provoking brainstorming needs to be done about what to get everyone.  It's a little much.

But before I can even begin that, I ought to finish the homemade Halloween costumes for my boys before October 31st rolls around.  I only make them because I think the store bought ones are not only ridiculously overpriced, but also kind of ugly.  The stores one meaning the Jake and the Neverland Pirate costumes that are out there because Old Navy sure has some super cute and warm costumes on sale!

I feel good about the two pieces of Halloween deocrations we have up in the house.  It really makes a difference.  And I'd like to make the same short goal of having two pieces of Thanksgiving decor up before the second week of November.  As for Christmas, we have quite a bit collected... but I'd also like to add to the list and try to make our home a festive pine cone smelling kind of place.

Oh holidays.  So fun and also so much work.

*le sigh.

I guess it's time I stopped wasting time on facebook and try to use what little free time I have to make some thoughtful Christmas gifts!

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Tracy Wang said...

So do you remember my biscotti story?

We should do it. Seriously. I'll even drop by SLC and take over your kitchen.