Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Choice We Made a Year Ago

In life, we have many choices. As I think back on the choices I have made in life, it's difficult to distinguish which were my choices, which were ones my parents made for me, and which were accidental choices. What's easy to conclude are the good and bad choices and the ability to learn from them. Some choices don't matter much, and we forget about them easily whereas some are a lot more difficult and take careful consideration.

About a year ago (June 19th), my choice to marry a worthy priesthood holder in the Temple was sealed for all time and eternity. His choice to take me as his wife was also sealed forever.

Our choice to become one then led to other choices. Our choices are often sacrifices for the other's happiness but in reality, the consistency of such thoughtfulness has enabled me to call 'em fun learning moments. In just a short year, we have learned so much about ourselves and each other.

Here's what I've learned about Andy (list is not conclusive):
  • He can sleep through anything (pretty nice at night when Jordan's crying)
  • He dislikes spiders but will man up and kill 'em for me
  • He doesn't care for closing the kitchen or medicine cabinets (they have to be opened again)
  • He loves playing the piano
  • He farts a lot
  • He loves Jimmer
  • He loves BYU football, basketball, golf and Jimmer again
  • He loves taking naps
  • He loves being a daddy
And here's what I've learned about myself (list is also not conclusive):
  • I am a tech dummy
  • I like making the bed in the morning
  • I like grocery shopping alone but I like help unloading
  • I don't turn off the TV when it's in RGB mode
  • I fart a lot but mine don't stink
  • I like learning how to cook even if only my husband thinks my food is good
  • I don't like taking naps
  • I'm learning how to be a mommy
And here's what I've learned about us:
  • We love each other
  • We love Jordan
  • We love our family
  • We love going to the Temple
  • We love the gospel
  • We love eating
  • We love when Jordan grunts and moans as he farts in his sleep
  • We love using correct contractions
  • We love learning how to be better parents
We agreed not to spend money on each other but we both spent approximately $5 making each other thoughtful (which means very time consuming) DIY gifts. I made Andy a scrapbook recounting each month of our first year (but since we agreed not to spend money, I used the existing materials I had and glued everything onto empty pages from our guestbook which was only 3 pages filled out.. hahaha, resourceful am I!). Andy made me a sweet slideshow that spanned from before we were married to now (and I knew he was up to something since he used my work computer complete with a ton of our photos without the internet working). May watched Jordan for us (so grateful for her and her love for Jordan) while we snuck away to Umami Burger for dinner - their burgers are small but they are so satisfying and the meat is just juicy! So all in all, our one year anniversary was short, simple and sweet.

I know we're novice at this whole marriage thing, but we're pretty stoked about what lies ahead. At least I am.. can't speak for Andy but I do cuz we are one.


Deidra Smith said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope it just keeps getting better:) And heres to hoping I get to meet you before your next one. I feel a little silly commenting on your blog and I still haven't met you. Oh well, we're family, right?

Chris and Paige Evans said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! Here's to infinity more :)

Marina said...

Congrats- you two have certainly done a lot your first year!! Love you both! <3