Monday, June 27, 2011

Don't You Wish Your OGO Was Awesome Like Ours?

Some grandkids call their grandfathers "grandfather" or "poppy" or "gramps" or "grandpa." Still others call their grandfathers by the native translation such as "wai-gong" or "gong-gong" if they are Mandarin. But Andy's dad has long outwitted all of these aforementioned grandfathers by giving himself a name for his grandkids to address him with. He is known to all as "OGO," which stands for "Oh Great One!"

My sister-in-law, Tammy, more creative than any of us in the family, spearheaded the effort for OGO's Father's Day gift this year - it was a tough project because Jordan can't quite sit yet and the first few photos we liked of him were deemed "constipated" photos by Tammy and her husband, Jeff. Unrelenting, we fought and resisted them and they eventually acquiesced and used another photo of Jordan (but to their credit, we retook a photo again since they would not use the original submissions). Likewise, we politely asked for another photo of Violet, one that had her happier and smiling, though her hair was a little more messy.... Alas, Tammy and Jeff also begrudgingly changed a photo, all in the name of family compromising.

Here was the final masterpiece for OGO although his is in a nice frame and ours is just a photo. I know - you want to do it next year for all the fathers in your life too. Go for it! Super cute idea huh?

Sadly we weren't able to spend Father's Day with OGO, but we did call him and wish him a Happy Father's Day! OGO not only is a great example of a priesthood holder, a husband and father, but he's also the best game inventer ever - serious, he came up with this dragon/princess game for Sophie and he loves coming up with scavenger hunts too! Andy and I can't wait to see what games OGO creates for Jordan although part of me is already imagining all the mischievous adventure the three generations of Phillips boys will get into....oh boy.


Deidra Smith said...

We were going to do those for my in-laws, but just couldn't find a good combination. NO matter how we paired them up there were just too many or too little to spell out. Grammy and Grampy. Maybe one of these years we will figure it out:) I love it though and yours turned out really cute.

Dennis Phillips, Ph.D. said...

OGOs aren't awesome, Grandkids that play with OGOs are awesome and there are great times ahead for OGO and the grandkids. I am thinking, soccer games, dance recitals, piano recitals, golf excursions, getting ice cream together, and the list goes on and on. Thanks, ogo.