Friday, June 3, 2011

If I Had a Girl Crush..

It would be on Zoey Deschanel. Okay, who am I kidding - I totally have a girl crush on her!

First, I think all girls with black hair and greyish blue eyes and a pale complexion are just gorgeous and I always secretly admire them from afar. I've loved Zoey's raspy voice and laid back 'tude since Elf, Yes Man! and 500 Days of Summer. Though I don't watch television much (my television shows pre-pregnancy consisted of The Office and The Community and post-pregnancy, I have entertained numerous episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Shark Tank, and Dancing With The Stars - I'm not sure what it is, but boob feeding tends to go by a lot quicker when you're watching a show!), I am quite excited about her upcoming sitcom on Fox, The New Girl. The trailer is hilarious and on many levels, I feel like I can relate to her dorky disposition. Anyhow, I will stop stalking her cotton commercial and online outfits and just enjoy the girl crush.

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Tammy said...

I love her as well!