Tuesday, June 14, 2011

People Are Just So Nice

Last year, we hosted our buddies from the Singles Ward at Andy's apartment (now our apartment) every Sunday. It was a really fun Sunday activity - we would potluck with great friends and then put them to work making Martha Stewart poms in light and dark purple. I ordered tissue paper from a local downtown wholesale supplier so we had a LOT of tissue paper. Understatement of the year. Just know every gift from here on out until probably 2020 will be wrapped with light or dark tissue paper with creases in them from the leftover poms we prepared. Ha! (We literally have four or five dozen folded and stapled poms in the closet storage).

The funny part is - that was only the prep. Once we were at the wedding reception hall, there was the act of puffing the poms. Our wedding party (and significant others) and super duper close friends flew in early to visit and play in LA, some went with me to the Temple for the first time, and of course - to come and help spruce up the basketball court!

I can't believe it's already been a year since all the wedding hoopla that was our life this time last year. These days, it's all about Jordan who is preciously sleeping away (uh-oh for my upcoming night shift) on the wannabe boppy and I am considering stealing away to the Apple Store for 45 minutes (I have been waiting since his last feeding but he is sleeping a lil too well!)...but I digress. Even though I can't believe how fast time flies, even more so, I cannot believe how kind our family and friends have been regardless of the situation.

Last year - it was to help with wedding stuff.

This year, it is to help with the new baby.

I am blown away and just baffled by the outpouring of love and time everyone has given us whether it was folding tissue paper, gluing pieces of foam and googly eyes to marshmallows for our seating cards, puffing poms or whether it is bringing us meals, holding the sleeping baby, cleaning up the house, rearranging the furniture, or just spending time with the new mom who rarely went out those first few weeks. I know these angels are sent by God and I am so grateful for the nice people. Man, people are just so nice!

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Genny said...

Grace is so cute. Tell her hi from me please! And that I remember her eating egg rolls for breakfast!