Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Baby's Daddy

My baby's daddy didn't really get a Father's Day gift on Sunday. This was compounded by the fact that our one year anniversary was also Sunday. My baby's daddy didn't get a reminder of how great he is to Jordan.

Here's what my baby's daddy should hear if my baby could speak.

Dear Daddy,

I think I will call you that until I am old enough to call you pops. Or maybe I will just call you old man then. I look up to you (literally) but only when you help me to stand up or sit up or when I'm doing tummy time because my neck is not yet strong enough. I know I can't tell you how happy I am when you come home because I can't speak and my face cannot really make facial expressions besides that which come from my farting and pooping or hunger, but I am. I love Grandma and Mommy too but sometimes, there's just too much estrogen at home without you. They love to chat and take me places and even talk and sing to me, and of course tell me how cute I am but I like my manly daddy who shows me furniture building, tells me about all the cool toys I'll get to play with soon, who teaches me about golf and sports and even some of the medical stuff you're studying. I like when you study your scriptures with me because you make it fun, even at my age. I like when you hold me because you're stronger than Grandma or Mommy (but I like them too). I don't like when you clean my tongue, put saline in my nose, but I like the funny way you look at me after. If I could smile, I would do it right away and tell you how much I love you and want to be like you. I hope to be athletic in the future and hope my hands and feet really do indicate my future athletic potential career. But if not, I know you will still love me. I like the stuff you wear to Church on Sundays and I hope we get a few father/son outfits in the future. I also hope I'm just as tall as you (maybe even taller!) I like when you walk around with me in the Bjorn and I don't fidget as much as when mommy does it. I like when you talk to me even when I'm sleeping and I like when you calm me down when I'm hungry and mommy is taking too long. I think you're an amazing dad and I can't wait to tell you myself when I can speak. I appreciate you telling me about my cousins before I met them - you gave me great insight to their personalities and I felt more calm around them because of that. I like how you tell me you love me and mommy. You make me feel safe. I love you daddy! I hope you had a great Father's Day even though I didn't get you anything and mommy didn't either.


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