Monday, June 13, 2011

Two Years Ago... One Year Ago...

Today, as I was boob feeding Jordan, I received an e-mail from Elder Vera, a missionary who taught me some lessons back in April 2009. His message was short - "Isn't it two years since you were baptized?" Wow! I completely forgot that today indeed marks a momentous occasion!

I cannot believe it has been two years. It seems like yesterday when I was blogging about my baptism.

Two years later, I have become one with another human, grown a human, and am currently producing milk. Things sure change a lot!

Around a year ago, I was showing my BF the basketball court (named "cultural hall" in all Mormon church buildings) where Andy and I were going to have our wedding reception free of charge - SCORE! Since it wasn't a church building I was familiar with, we both roamed in the hallways until we found the entrance to the cultural hall. We opened the door which was unlocked, excited that it was open and as soon as we stepped inside, the door closed behind us and we both gasped at the darkness that engulfed us. We stumbled around, looking for a light switch, astonished at how quickly it had gotten dark. We found a switch... it did nothing. We found another switch.. it also did nothing. We thought out loud about where else the light switch could be. We realized how big the room actually was. And then... it happened. The light was still off.. but we adjusted. We could see each other and the room pretty clearly now. We ignored our quest to find the light switch and began talking logistics of the reception. We finished and on our way out another door, we saw another switch and took a chance - tried it - and suddenly, our eyes squinted at the shock of the light. We had become accustomed to the dark, we were even able to see there, and this spark of light was drastically different and hard to digest all at once.

That is how I feel about my life with and without the light of Christ.

Before I was introduced to the Gospel, I always knew there was a God. Like everyone else in this world, my relationship with Him seemed to magnify during hardship when I would start a prayer with - If you're real, then I need to ask for your help or If you're out there... please answer me. I was essentially looking for the switch. But over time, not having a relationship with him, giving into the ways of the world, and justifying my own actions based on my own religion or philosophies of life, my eyes got used to the dark. I didn't need to find the switch anymore. I could navigate around the dark easily and did not even know I was in the dark. And then... once the light of Christ came into my life, it was hard to see at first. I found the switch. A little too much light. But once you have the light, why would you go back to the dark?

I am so grateful for having a relationship with Heavenly Father. I am so thankful for the Atonement and the understanding that it is for me and for you, and for everyone. I am so blessed that I found myself, found the truth, and found the light.

I like being the light more than the dark.


Chris and Paige Evans said...

This is a great analogy Daisy! Congrats on the two years of baptismaversary! And almost happy anniversary!

Sarah said...

Your testimony has already helped mine many times. Thanks for blogging your feelings!