Saturday, January 9, 2016

Asian Barbie!

I remember the only Asian Barbie doll I had.  It was my second Barbie.  She had silver MC Hammer pants and well.. luckily, thanks to the world wide web, I was not only able to find her on eBay, but get a photo, though I remember her looking a lot more Asian.  Upon review of her face now, she is definitely a little hapa girl, with a good tan, like she grew up in Hawaii or pro-tanned too long.  
The funny thing about rocker Asian Barbie is that all my asian friends had her.  It was as if every Chinese mom saw her in the store and immediately purchased her, because she was also sadly all of our least favorite dolls.  I remember thinking, what a waste - I could have had a blonde haired REAL Barbie doll, but instead I got her Asian friend?  ugh.  Yes, real mature.  

I am a bit of a Barbie obsessed girl, and I honestly can't wait to play with Dagny.  I know it's a bit beyond her age, but for Christmas, I got her a Barbie that's still in its package and sitting on her wardrobe.  But then... while at a Toys R Us going out of business sale, we saw THIS Asian barbie.  

First of all, Asian Barbie dolls are RARE.  In all my time browsing for Barbies, I have seen Barbie, her friends brunette white Barbie and black Barbie, but never have I seen Asian Barbie!  I just HAD to buy her immediately!!

Then, this morning, as Andy was taking her out of her crib, she kept pointing at the box of Asian Barbie doll who was also on the wardrobe.
So there you have it... Asian Barbie doll.  As my friend Jen said, true to Asian woman form, you can't tell if she is 25 or 45.  Hahaha, that made me laugh really hard and long.  And, tomorrow, we will probably take white Barbie out of her "It's a Girl!" box and change outfits with Asian Barbie.  Asian Barbie is now the star of the show.  

And of course, I'm reminded of this video, about Asian American doll from SNL.  Enjoy!  

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