Saturday, January 9, 2016

Rain Boots At Last

It doesn't rain much in California but I remember fancying a pair of rain boots at Loehmanns once.  It had a cute paisley print, another had polka dots.  It seemed frivolous to buy a pair of rainboots I'd probably only get to wear once in my life.  Plus, the reality is, they weren't that cute.  The actual foot covering part looked quite bulky.  

Then it'd rain in California, the one week it did, normally in February, and I'd make my way to work, wondering why I didn't have a decent pair of rainboots to help me navigate through a few puddles as I walked from the parking lot to the office (yeah, not exactly the longest walk).  Nobody really owned rainboots in California, at least not that I can recall.  Wait, no, I do vaguely remember one annoying co-worker who boasted of her rainboots (and they were cute, I remember telling her that) and how she FINALLY got the chance to wear them to work.  Then, to be honest, she looked uncomfortable in them all day long.  There were definitely no puddles inside the 44th floor of our downtown LA office.

All the above serves as a preface to why I am so secretly thrilled to be shopping for rainboots now (and let's be real, they are kinda ugly).  Our family is making our way to Washington D.C. for the months of March and April as Andy does a rotation with OSHA.  We'll be living in Capitol Hill for the two months without a car (pretty much the main reason we gave up our favorite tandem Options Contour double stroller for the stinking City Select double and its glider).  As we're getting closer to departure, I have been more and more excited about this serious adventure we are taking.  I've never lived anywhere besides California (southern mostly and then northern but only for a bit), Spokane, and Salt Lake City.  I've always wanted to live in New York, but then the time passed and it was too late (not a very family friendly city).  Now, I get to live in a bustling city with my husband and three kids ages 4, 2, and 1.  It is going to be an adventure, to say the least!

So on my list of shopping items is currently some great rain boots, though I can't quite figure out what color to get, my favorite... purple? or something bold like red or yellow or just plain black or grey?  And then I, a lover of lists, have started trying to organize what I think we'll need to bring.  My thoughts are veering towards two weeks worth of clothes, but since we are going straight from D.C. to Orlando, we have to pack stuff accordingly for lighter spring weather and then the start of summer/tornado season with swim and summer stuff.  I think a few pair of shorts will do, a few pairs of jeans for myself, and tops, but then there's also Church clothes (maybe 2 outfits we just rotate through every week?) and PJs (especially for the kids), some toys, etc.  My mind is whirling with the possibilities, and of course, I've been wanting new luggage forever (Andy's big bulky ones are SO heavy, they add weight to our luggage even without much in it!) that is lightweight and easy to move, so there's also that on the horizon.  Overall, I'm like a kid at the candy factory, excited at my options, not sure what to choose, and already hyped up from the anticipation of sugar.

I can't wait!  7 more weeks... Chinese New Year's, the Superbowl, Valentine's and then we're off!

What to pack?  Anyone with advice?

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