Sunday, January 3, 2016

Nursery's Awesome!

There's this thing in the Mormon church where everyone gets a job, but they give it a fancy name and call it a "calling."  I've had all different sorts of callings since joining the Church.  From program maker (probably my favorite calling thus far) to FHE (family home evening) co-leader to Primary secretary to Young Women advisor to Sunday gospel doctrine teacher (my least favorite) to Primary teacher.  Just recently, I was getting ready to teach the 7 year old class, when I got a call on New Year's Day about some changes.

Since I'll be here and there a lot next year as we go on rotations with Andy, they did some shuffling around and told me I would no longer be teaching the 7 year olds.  Instead, I'd be in the Nursery.  This is where kids ages 18 months to 3 years old (you graduate to the Primary once you're 3 as of January, but if you're not.. then you're in Nursery until January 1st each year) go to play for two hours, have a small snack, a tiny bit of singing, and a mini-lesson (think super simple).  Anyway, personally, when I received the phone call about the change I was ecstatic.  Our youngest just turned 14 months and though she isn't quite walking yet, all she does is try to get around, crawling, standing, making noise, doing fun stuff exploring.  She isn't exactly up for just chilling in my lap during the second or third hours of Church during Sunday school.  Being in Nursery would not only be a two hour calling every week to spend time with my 2.5 year old, but would also start to help Dagny get used to playing with a bunch of kids in preparation for her official entry into Nursery in 4 months.

Most people, when they hear you're in Nursery, they laugh or feel sorry, they joke about how it's the worst calling and blah blah blah.  It is definitely no cake walk, these kids are hyper and some can't share, don't have any experience, some are sick but not contagious, dripping boogers all over you, but none of that really matters to me.  I'm actually stoked to be in Nursery, and what better time than when you have two kids in there?!

We were having lunch with a friend when I got the call.  I told her how stoked I was, and she said I was being really positive.  She was impressed.

Some things about being Mormon, culturally, still make no sense to me.  Maybe it's because I'm just different, but diet coke still tastes disgusting to me, funeral potatoes are still good but not worth making myself, and Nursery is going to be awesome, no matter what anyone says about it!  I might be alone, but I think it's gonna be great.

Today was really fun in Nursery.  I like observing all the kids and helping them share and be nice.  I already can note which kids are bullies (mine used to be), which have no experience sharing (only child), which have older siblings who have taught them (the sporty kids who love looking after the baby), and the young ones who have been pushed around by their older siblings.  I think I would have enjoyed being a teacher.

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