Friday, January 1, 2016

Tis Been a Good Year!

There's this weird family Chinese superstition that I've grown up with.  You never really give attention or praise to anything good in your life, because for some reason it might go sour.

I've always sort of lived by that mantra, call it humility or stupidity, but I've always been afraid to boast about my little wins.  Like when my kid sleeps through the night... it never ceases to amaze me that the moment I share it with my friends, the kid stops sleeping.  For some reason, it only seems safe to share these little wins with my husband.  We get to brag about our little wins to each other without any repercussion, but to anyone else... there is always some backlash.

So it's all a disclaimer that as I say what I'm about to say, I really hope I don't jinx us.

Life is great!  As everyone looks back at the year with 2016 coming upon us, I can't help but think well... our year was pretty ordinary, definitely not extraordinary, but at the same time.. everything is great.

We have loved Andy's switch to occupational medicine, mostly because we get to see him EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND, EVERY SINGLE HOLIDAY, and pretty much by 5 or 6 PM EVERYDAY.  On top of that, the energy and passion we've seen from him as he learns more from clinical experiences and scoring high on tests has been priceless.  It's really something to see your husband doing something he loves, and doing it well.  He also has a couple of side projects, one of his projects was Chic Shield, a concept he along with some other guys developed and presented as part of a Bench to Bedside competition sponsored by the U.  I also got to work side by side with him, helping his team with a poster that they used for the competition.  He's got a project he's working on with a buddy and they have been making great progress, hopefully they will be able to get a patent lawyer and investors and go public with the idea soon!  It's pretty exciting on the sidelines and as the future marketing.

I have continued to work at BlueSky with a reduced workload, and in its place I have been able to feel accomplished as a mom of three.  I feel good when the house is clean, when the kids are well fed,  when I cook something new, when we read together, when my kids help out at home, and when we are able to go out by ourselves or with friends.  It feels good despite random tantrums, missed naps, or some Mommy time outs.  I've worked on myself a bit this year, got back into pre-pregnancy shape (sort of, as close as you can get probably), finished a draft of a children's book (now looking for artists!), learned the true art of making a French macaron, put make-up on a bit more and opted out of my PJs a few more days of the week, and continued to hone my Photoshop skills by making prints for friends and myself.

Jordan continues to be full of energy.  He can run and run and run and only stop for water.  He has become such a loving sweet older brother.  He loves to take care of Dagny and Bubba and despite some mild arguments he has with Bubba (mostly when Bubba doesn't want to play what he's dictating), the two get along great.  He has become such a great listener, not necessarily with us, but we've observed as he keenly follows instructions at Gymnastics and overheard him advise Bubba that if he listens, he'd get to go first in line.  He started music classes with Let's Play Music in the Fall along with school five days a week and he absolutely loves it.  He loves to ask deep questions and observes and notices many things.  He loves golf, soccer, baseball, basketball, and BYU sports.  He's become creative with some of the games he likes to play and has grown in his love of set toys like Octonauts, cars, trains, legos, other building sets, superheros, planes, pirates, - to name a few.  He cares so much for his siblings and sometimes after I have been trying repeatedly to get Bubba to do something, he will sigh and said, "Mom, I'll just do it."  I've let him do it a couple of times but a lot I tell him Bubba needs to learn.  Hehe.

Bubba has become a talking machine.  He is using random complete sentences here and there, always taking us by surprise, and gets really frustrated when we can't understand him.  He is still as stubborn as ever but we've noticed over time, he has become a little more understanding and willing to compromise.  He no longer grabs onto my hair incessantly while sleeping, and will say "ok" when I ask him to please stop pulling my hair.  He loves puzzles and can count to 10 in Chinese and English, sing the ABC song, and mimics Andy for scripture study with all the correct intonations (but not the correct sounds all the time quite yet).  He hasn't quite developed the same empathy and love for his baby sister as his big bro, but he's still very aware of her and cares for her when she falls, though sometimes his comfort is a little too rough and too much.  He goes to school once a week and does gymnastics and asks me everyday if he has school or gymnastics.  He is slowly learning how to love Dagny and be a better older brother.  He loves following Jordan around and always asks where he is when he's at school, and has the happiest welcome home smile when we go to pick up Jordan from school.

Dagny is such a doll.  She is (please don't jinx us) such a calm, easy going baby.  That said, she is definitely fiesty and knows that a little scream gets her whatever she wants since her brothers always want to make her happy and hate hearing "Dangy cry."  She is crawling everywhere, loves climbing (and has no fear, found her on the piano bench just playing the piano like it was her job and can climb on her jumper and just stand there), and can take about 4-5 steps, but doesn't really care for it.  Every now and then, she'll stand up on her own and then has this goofy grin before she goes back down to crawling mode.  She loves stuffed animals and blankets, more than our boys ever did, and the same goes for her binky.  She is perfectly content just siting and eating and loves blueberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, and fries.  She loves her daddy so much, loves to continually chant da-da and always screams to be held by him the moment he returns from work.

2016 is going to be an adventure for us.  We can't wait!  Happy New Year!!

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