Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jordan the Basketball Player

Jordan was having a cow about wearing a dress shirt and slacks to church and I told him for most professions, he may have to wear this everyday in the future. He said he was going to be a pilot, so I told him he'd have to wear slacks and probably a nice uniform. This didn't sit well with him, at night, he told Andy he was planning to be a basketball player when he grew up. Basketball shorts for the win.

And I am that mom who has not yet packed away the basketball shorts. In 20 degree weather, my son most often comes out dressed in basketball shorts, a long sleeve t-shirt, and soccer socks rolled all the way up.

You can't prevent the heart from wanting what it wants. ....

Meanwhile, Dags is over here licking the couch, discovering that her tongue is a conduit of glorious discoveries.

Bubba is loving his new rainboots that he can put on himself, and requests a tie for every single Sunday. Seems our tie collection needs to grow so he can actually pair his ties to his shirts accordingly.

Kids, they are just so funny.

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