Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Morning Shenanigans

There's something so beautiful about having three kids who wake up at a decent time and make morning easy.  Lately... I've had the pleasure of a joy filled routine, lots of smiles and happiness, and an overall content me, up until the 10 minutes before we make it into the car to get wherever we have to go (usually Jordan's school which is 2 minutes away...)  Then, for 10 minutes... I am frustrated, annoyed, and constantly repeating myself.  These bozos just can't get their stuff together sometimes!! 

Our routine is simple.  I don't want anyone bugging me until the alarm rings at 7:30.  I normally snooze until 7:45, and on lazy days, I lay in bed until 8 AM.  

My kids are relatively good.  Bubba can wake up anywhere from 6:45 - 7:30, but he's always the first of the bunch.  He likes to make his way into bed in stealth mode and whisper sweetly "it's morning Mommy, time to wake up!'  I politely inform him that the sun is not yet out.  He always says "Ohhhh" like a big epiphany, and then proceeds to play with some toy or book or go looking for Andy if he's still around.  For a while, he was up in time to send Andy off to work, but the realization that Andy was gone before he was up one day sent him in a panic as he roamed the house searching for Daddy.  It was actually quite bittersweet to hear faintly in the background but probably a little traumatizing for the poor boy. 

Jordan has started to wake up around 7:30 not that we've moved his bedtime up (we start bedtime at 7:30 instead of 8:30 now).  

Dagny is my best sleeper thus far, and I hope it lasts!  At her age, Jordan went down for naps and nighttime with a bottle easily too, but if he was tired without a bottle, no nap.  Bubba would never go down easily, he was our "just cry it out a little longer" baby and would only go down nicely with a bottle filled with gatarode.  

Dagny will legitimately acknowledge when she's tired or not tired.  If she's not ready for a nap, she'll shake her head.  FOMO (fear of missing out) is low for her, she knows the fun will always be there when she's awake.  When she is fatigued, she'll just nod when I ask her if she wants a nap.  Her naps are not consistent, but her bedtime can effectively start at 7, we sometimes push it until 7:30, and she will always wake up around 7:45/8 and just chill in her crib.  The only time I've heard her cry for us is when she's wet through her diaper and pjs or when she's pooped.  Third childs are awesome.  

Breakfast is fun and pretty low maintenance with my kids.  Eggs and toast, sometimes cereal too, and when we're feeling fancy on the weekends, we do pancakes, french toast, or if we're feeling REALLY fancy, waffles!  During the week, once I get them all situated, I normally get a bathroom break.  

The other morning, the boys greeted me in their costumes as I made my exit from the bathroom.  Bubba then brought over his old Captain America costume and told me Dagny needed it, which is great because he had been trying to fit into his old costume without much luck and a huge wedgie, and we kept advising him that it was for Dagny now that he had outgrown it.  "No, it my Catan Reca" he would tell me seriously.   Well..I guess he finally got it!

After we drop off Jordan at school, Bubba and Dagny get a chance to play together for a bit.  They're still parallel playing for most of the time, but every now and then, if Bubba misses that I've gone to put Dagny down for a nap, he'll come by wondering where she has gone.  

They're starting to get the hang of each other when Jordan's out of the picture and it melts my heart silly to watch.  I'm reminded to count my blessings when I reflect on the day and think of all the happy moments they've brought into my life.  It helps to counter the times I count sweeping the floor because of their eating skills (or lack thereof).  

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